January 5 2013

Practice Video: A Tale Of Two Cities; Book 1, Chapter 1

I like practicing to captioned videos because it makes for a versatile practice due to the fact that I can practice with the sound on or off.

Here are some briefs from the video:
period= PERD
wisdom= WIZ
winter= WIRNT
despair= SDPAIR
heaven= HEFN
insisted= KBIFTD
superlative= SAOURPLT
comparison= KPAIRN
preserve= PREFRB
prophetic= PRO*FKT
herald= HERLD
deficient= DPIRBT
originality= ORJT
congress= KO*NG
British= BRIRB
spiritual= SPIRL
achievement= KHAEFMT
sawn= SAUN
history= HIFT
adjacent= JAEFNT
heavy= HEF
silently= SLENLT
suspicion= SPIGS
justify= JUF
burglary= BLAER
caution= KAUGS
consequence= KWENS
magnificient= NIFNT
creature= KRAOEFPT
majesty= MAJT
contraband= KRAND
midst= M*IDZ
pamphlet= PAFRPLT
warehouse= WROUS
miscellaneous= SLAINS

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Posted January 5, 2013 by Elsie Villega in category "Briefs", "Practice Material


  1. By Virginia T. Kempson on

    Hi Elsie.Thius is Virginia. just wanted to let you know that I finally passed my typing test with Mr. M , on Monday ,1-4-12. y morning. Yeaaaa! Now time to let the fingers fly during testing time.

    I just finished your practice session with the Tale of Two Cities. Great work out. My fingers were flying. What speed was that…

    About the briefs: suspicious=SPIGS, you had SPIGD, couldn’t make it out correctly. And,insisted=TPH-SIFTD. iI thought the KB was for the IM or the EM? Anyhow, Thanks for the STENSPIRATION! Good Wrork Out!


    1. By Elsie (Post author) on

      Yes!! Congrats!! I just screamed out a happy cheer for you!! So proud of you, and happy for you! You are doing it, lady! :)

      I’m going to check out what I put for suspicious. If I put SPIGD, it’s a typo. It should be SPIGS.

      Also, I use the KB for IN and EN as well. I also use the SB for INT or ENT.

      Once again, thanks! So proud of you! That typing tesy news made my day! *smiles big!*

  2. By Elsie (Post author) on

    Thanks a lot, Virginia. That suspicion brief was a typo. I just fixed it. Thanks!

  3. By Virginia T. Kempson on

    Hi Elsie:

    I’ve been off the site for a while…I had family issues. My family member just died in Jacobi Hospital last night 12:31 A.M. this morning. I’m very sad. Well, life goes on have to get back to reality world, Steno. I’ll be okay the funeral is this Saturday,1-19-13. I’ll probably be very busy helping the family out. Sure going to miss my steno practice and video’s this week…You understand. I’ll catch up with you sometime soon!

    Thanks for the shout-out!

    Have a Lovely evening.

    1. By Elsie (Post author) on

      My condolences. Keep being strong! Strength can be found in sadness and tears too. You and your family will be in my prayers. May your heart be at peace while you are going through these trying times. I’ll catch up with you soon.

      Much love! Keep the faith!



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