February 22 2013

Friday Phrases

each and every= AOEFR
each and every time= AOEFRT
each and every element= AOEFRMT
car accident= KARX
automobile accident= AOBLD
motor vehicle accident= MOEFKD
motorcycle accident= MOIKD
voluntary manslaughter= VOM
involuntary manslaughter= VOIM
concealed weapon= SKWEP

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Posted February 22, 2013 by Elsie Villega in category "Briefs


  1. By Virginia T Kempson on

    Hi Elsie!!!
    How R U? fine I know. I haven’t heard from me lately because I am back to work again and don’t have much time to practice or get on your website… I’ll be catching up with you during the weekends. Miss U!!! Stenspiration..

    Also, I’m having problems with my ending words, I’m thinking maybe i should go back into my grammar book… It’s a small think but it’s large to me because I haven’t passed any of my tests yet because of this…maybe I need my hearing checked out. should I put my ending on the first stroke or the second stroke so I won’t forget…

    Please help! Virginia

    1. By Elsie (Post author) on

      It depends what works for you. If you add the ending on the first stroke, as I am starting to do, it will create a few conflicts. The conflicts are few though compared with being able to drop a stroke. However, adding the endings to the first stroke may cause some hesitation because our theory taught us to come back for all endings. There are a lot of theories that teach adding the stroke on because it helps with speed. Also, other theories use the final -Z for the plural (where we were taught to use final -S). The final -Z helps to reduce some of the conflicts, but at this stage in the game the final -S is so deeply ingrained with me.

  2. By Virginia T Kempson on

    Hey Elsi!

    I have a lot of catching up to do…so contiue the STENSPIRATION!!! YOUR WORDS AND MEANINGS DO COUNT.


    1. By Elsie (Post author) on

      Thanks, Virginia! Remember, sometimes that saying “slow and steday wins the race,” is so true. Keep pushing forward step by step. You’ll continue to do great. You’ve come so far.


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