May 7 2013

Practice Video: Jury Charge

In this video Judge Thomas Stark reads a jury charge that he gave a jury in a 1975 murder trial, People vs. DeFeo.

jury instruction= JIRK
jury instructions= JIRKS
under the influence= NUFL
first degree= F-D
second degree= S-D
murder in the second degree= M-KD
disturbance= DURNS
extreme= STREM
manslaughter= MAUTS
homicide= HOM or HOMDZ
under the circumstances= UTS
viewpoint= VAOUPT
question of fact= KWEFT
contention= KENGS
passionate= PARBT
clarity= KLART
insanity= SNAET
for the purposes= FORPS
by reason= BIRN
disprove= SPROF
common law= KMOL
contrary= KRAIR
State of New York= STOERK
statute= STAOUFP
psychosis= SKOES
psychotic= SKOKT
convert= KWERT

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