January 30 2015

Friday Phrases: Accident Phrases

Friday Phrases Logoaccident happen= SDAP
accident happens= SDAPS
accident happened= SDAPD
accident happening= SDAPG
accident occur= SDUR
accident occurs= SDURS
accident occurred= SDURD
accident occurring= SDURG
accident scene= SDAOEN
scene of the accident= SNAX
accident reconstruction= SDRURX
accident report= SDRORP
accident take place= SDAEPS
accident takes place= SDAEPS/-S or SDAEPSZ
accident taking place= SDAEPS/-G or SDAEPG or SDAEPGS
accident took place= SDAOPS
accident you were= SDURP
after the accident= AFRX
after this accident= A*FRX
after your accident= AUFRX
as a result of the accident= SRUX or SRUFX
as a result of this accident= SR*UX or SR*UFX
as a result of your accident= SRURX or SRUFRX
at the time of the accident= TEFX
at the time of this accident= T*EFX
at the time of your accident= TEFRX
before the accident= BFRX
before this accident= B*FRX
before your accident= BUFRX
date of the accident= DAFX
date of this accident= DA*FX
date of your accident= DAFRX
day of the accident= DAIFX
day of this accident= DA*IFX
day of your accident= DAIFRX
following the accident= FEX
following this accident= F*EX
following your accident= F*ERX
morning of the accident= MOFX
morning of this accident= MO*FX
morning of your accident= MOFRX
evening of the accident= AOEFNGS
evening of this accident= AO*EFNGS
evening of your accident= AOEFRNGS
night of the accident= NAOIFX
night of this accident= NAO*IFX
night of your accident= NAOIFRX
prior to the accident= PRAOIRX
prior to the accident= PRAO*IRX
prior to your accident= PRAOIFRX
this accident= THX
automobile accident= AOBLD
car accident= KARX
car accidents= KARXZ
motor vehicle accident= MOEFKD
motorcycle accident= MOIKD
traffic accident= TRAFKD
traffic accidents= TRAFKDZ

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