April 2 2015

Rules Of Grammar: Commonly Misspelled Words Starting With “Acc”

Here are some words starting with “acc” that are commonly misspelled. Remember to include the double “c” when spelling these words (Machine briefs included):

accelerator= SLOERT
accent= SAENT
acceptable= SEBL or SEPBL
access= SKES
accessible= SKEFBL
accessory= SKOIR
accidentally= SDLL
acclimate= A/KLAOIMT or AK/LA/MA*IT or AK/KLIMT
accolade= KLAID
accommodate= KOMT
accompany= KPOIN
accompaniment= KPOINT or KPOIMT
accomplice= KPLIS
accomplish= PLIRB
accord= KAORD
accordion= KAORD/YO*N
accost= A/KOFT or A/KO*S
accrue= KRU
accumulate= KAOUM or KAOUMT
accuracy= KRAZ
accurate= KRAT
accursed= A/KUFRD
accusation= KAOUGS
accustom= KAUFM

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