July 24 2015

Friday Phrases

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and he just= SKPEJT
and I just= SKPIJT
and just= SKP-JT
can you just= KUJT
could you just= KOUJT
did I just= SDIJT
did you just= SDUJT
did you just say= SDUJTS
do I just= DOIJT
he just= EJT
he just want= HEFPT
he just wants= HEFPTS
he just wanted= HEFPTD
I can’t just= YAJT
I couldn’t just= YUJT
I didn’t just= YIJT
I don’t just= YOJT
I wouldn’t just= YAOJT
I just= IJT
I just want= IFPT
I just wanted= IFPTD
she just= SHEJT
so I just= SOIJT
that he just= THAEJT
that I just= THAIJT
we just= WEJT
you just= UJT

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Posted July 24, 2015 by Elsie Villega in category "Briefs

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