1. By V on

    I looked at this bag and right away I fell in love. I decided to find out how I could get my own and than I saw the price and I was so hurt. At this time I’m not working but, I’m going to school hopefully for court reporting just getting myself together. I thought that WOW, if you get that bag and your off to school it would be so nice and people will, want to know what type of bag that is and where you purchased it from and how much did it cost.
    And, I think I would feel special just to know that I’m the only one with it.

  2. By V on

    I would like to have this bag, I love it I went to school to become a secretary and later in life I went to school for Court Reporter and it would be great if it had the steno board on it.
    This bag is really nice but, I can’t afford it! If there is a” sale” out there, I want to know about it because I don’t understand how I Iooked at the bag and said that’s nice and turn the page. Later I came back and said, “I HAVE TO HAVE THAT BAG IT WILL LOOK GREAT WITH MY MACHINE IN IT!!!!” and, It will be the talk of the class, everyone will want one.

    1. By Elsie (Post author) on

      I would love one with the steno keyboard too!! Don’t worry. Maybe we’ll both come into mega-millions and will be able to get one in every color scheme custom made. :)


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