October 23 2015

Friday Phrases: And Phrases Part 8

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and in= SKP-N
and in the= SKP-NT
and is= SKP-S
and isn’t= SKP-S/-NT
and it= SKPIT or STKP
and it had= STKPD
and it is= STKPS
and it shall= STKP-RB
and it should= STKP-RBD
and it was= STKP-FS
and it wasn’t= STKP-FS/-NT
and it will= STKP-L
and it would= STKP-LD
and it’ll= STKP-L/AE
and its= SKPITS
and just= SKP-JT
and learn= SKPLERN
and learned= SKPLERND
and learns= SKPLERNS
and let= SKPLET
and let me= SKPLEM
and let the= SKPLETD
and listen= SKPL-N
and looked= SKPLAOKD
and made= SKPHAED
and my= SKPHAOI
and now= SKPOU
and of course= SKP-FX

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Posted October 23, 2015 by Elsie Villega in category "Briefs

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