October 31 2018

October 31, 2018: Briefs & Phrases From This Week’s News Stories

I Love Steno Logo (Cropped)
multiple= MUPLT
casualties= KARBLTS
Pittsburgh= PITS/B*URG
synagogue= SIN/GO*G
Kentucky= KEN/KEN
grocery store= GROIRT
withdrawal= WRAUL
California= KAL/KAL
gillnet= GIL/N*ET
whales= WHAILS
turtles= TURLTS
illegal= ILG
powder= PAURD
mail= MAIL
single= SINL
fingerprint= F-P
bomber= BOM/*ER
suspect= S-PT
suspicious= SPIRBS
package= PAJ
Yosemite= YOE/SEM/TAO*E
rangers= RAIRNGS
attempted= TAEMTD
theft= THEFT
Magna Carta= MAG/NA*/KAR/TA*
Netflix= NET/FL*IX
weekend= WEND
movies= MO*EFS
galore= GA/LO*R
Sandra= SAN/DRA*
Bullock= B*UL/LO*K
horror= HOR
River= R*IFR
Phoenix= FAO*ENGS
Chick-fil-A= KHIK/FIL/A*
probation= PRAIBGS
Powerball= POUR/BA*L
lump sum= LUMS
lump sum payment= LUFMT
lottery= LOERT
income tax= N-KT
billion= B-L
millions= M-LS
jackpot= JAK/PO*T
payday= PAI/DA*I
Brazil= BRALZ
new= NU
president= PREZ
typhus= TAOI/F*US
outbreak= TBRAEK
Los Angeles= LOS/LOS
Long Beach= LONG/BA*EFP
Apple= A*EPL
unveils= UN/VAILS
greenest= GRAOEN/EFT
MacBook= MAK/BAO*K or MA*K/BAO*K
iPad= AOI/PA*D
Photoshop= FOET/SHO*P
Brooklyn, New York= BLIRNG
stylus= STAOIL/*US
retina= RET/NA*
display= DPLAI

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