October 12 2021

Briefs and Phrases From Dave Chapelle: The Closer

Dave Chapelle The Closer
Detroit= DROIT
special= SPERB
by the way= BAE
vaccinated= VAKTD
vaccine= VAOEFN
Johnson= JOFN
coronavirus= SKRAOIRS
dirty= DOIRT
last time= LAFMT
I didn’t get= YIGT
magic= MIJ
years ago= YAOERGS
planet= PLAENT
concept= SKEPT
racism= RAIFM
restaurant= STRAUNT
objective= OFBT
button= BON
disparity= SDPAERT
of course,= -FX
jealous= J-LS
sensitive= SNEF
brittle= BRILT
droplets= DROPLTS
filming= FIMG
minorities= MOIRNTS
masculinity= SKLINT
definition= DPINGS
listen= L-N
stupid= STAOUPD
golden= GOENLD
and then= SKPHEN
million dollars= M-LDZ
agents= AGTS
gender= JERND
incentive= SNEFNT
point of view= POIF
Oakland= OEBLGD
San Francisco= SFRAN
Thanksgiving= THAFG
holidays= HOILDZ
canceled= KAELD
professional= PROEFL
comedian= KMAOEND
comedy= KMAOED
shooter= SHAORT
boundaries= BOURNDZ
defend= D-F
Twitter= TW*IRT
obituary= OEBT/RA*ER
Google= GAOLG

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