March 26 2015

Theory Thursday: Practice Dictation: Lit (30, 40, 50 WPM)

Here are some briefs and phrases from the video:
my name is= MAOINS
of the -FT
experience= XERNS
I think= AOING
you should= URBD
little bit= BLIT
that you are= THAUR
to this= TOTS
navy= NAEF
although= AOL
throughout= THROUT
interest= TR-
politics= PLIKS
learned= LERND
system= ST-M
become= B-K
I wanted= IPTD
to see= TOZ
pressured= PRERBD
into= NAO
immediately= MAOELD
inside= N-DZ
on the= ONT
to have= TOF
living= LIFG
responsibilities= SPONLTS
that was= THAFS
months= MOS
morning= MORNG
proportion= PRORGS
publicity= PUBT
until= N-L
think of= THIF
scandal= SKANLD
in my= NAOI
picture= PIR
when I think= WHING
think about= THIB
what I wanted= WHAIPTD
to find= TOFND

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