April 20 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Black Panther

Black Panther Lupita Posterdiplomacy= DPLOEMZ
charlatan= SHARL/TAN or KHARL/TAN or KHARNLT or SHARNLT mercenary= MERS/NA*ER
Annapolis= A/NAP/L*IS
Afghanistan= AF/GAN/STA*N
Killmonger= KIL/MO*RNG
revolutions= R-FLGSZ
Bugatti= BAOU/GOT/YI
my name is= MAOINS
history= HIFT
shadows= SHAODZ
Wakanda= WA/KON/DA* or WA/KOND/A* or WA/KOND/DA*
Wakandans= WA/KON/DA*NS
technology= T-J
Jabari= JA/BA*R/YI or JA/BA*R/R*I or JA/BA*R/RI or JA/BA*R/RAO*E
T’Chaka= TA/KHA/KA*
Tim Hardaway= TIM/HARD/A/W*AE
in and out= NOUT
panther= PA*RNT
baba= BA/BA*
shaman= SHA/MA*N
Africa= FRIK
millions= M-LS
years ago= YAOERGS
antelope= ANT/LO*EP
ceremony= SMOEN
Zuri= S*UR/YI or S*UR/R*I or S*UR/RI or S*UR/RAO*E
victory= VOIRKT
schedule= SKELD
murder= MURD
murderer= MRUR
vibranium= VAOI/BAIN/Y*UM
tribes= TRAOIBS
instincts= KBINGTS
advanced= VANS/-D
chaos= KHAOS
yes= YE
Grace Jones= GRA*IS/JOENS
again= GEN
James= JAIMS
permission= PERMGS
let me see= LEMZ
glory= GLOIR
health= H*ELT
attack= TW-K
quarter= QAERT
he had= ED
how could= HOUKD
did you think= SDUNG
you were= URP
return= RURN
council= KOUNL
inform= N-F
tiny= TOIN
nation= NAIGS
confirmed= K-FRMD
terrorist= TRIFT
apprehended= PRAEND
fortified= FORT/FAO*ID
mountains= MOUNS
no need= NOFRN
I can= IK
when you see= WHUZ
engine= N-J
what happened= WHAPD
captain= KAPT
defense= D-FNS
position= POGS
positions= POGSZ
kidnapped= KIPD
as well= SW*EL
I wanted= IPTD
mission= MIGS
nothing= NOG
of this= -FTS
sister= ST-R
we are= WER
comfort= K-FRT
with us= WUS
province= PROFNS
general= JEN
to see= TOZ
developed= VELD
update= PAIT
more than= MORN
ceremonial= SMOENL
proud= PRO*UD
outfit= AOUT/FIT
king= KING
good morning= GORNG
beautiful= BAOUF
Bobo= BOE/BO*E
Ashanti= A/SHON/TAO*E or A/SHON/T*I
Ghana= GA/NA*
Benin= BA/NAO*EN
century= SEN
Fula= FAOU/LA*
British= BRIRB
items= AOITS
ancestors= AN/S*EFRTS
security= SKAOURT
body= BOED
doctor= DR-
medics= MEKDZ
I’m going= AOIMG
crime scene= KRAOEN
if you know= FAOUN
rich= RIFP
strength= STRENG
ritual= RIFPLT
combat= KBAT
warrior= WAR/YO*R
challenge= KHAL
is there= STHR-
royal= ROIL
thrown= THROEN
corset= KOR/S*ET
we have= WEF
watched= WAFPD
listened= L*ND
technological= TOJ
advertisements= TAOIMTS
tradition= TRA
father= FA*ER
we will= WAOEL
accept= SEP
begin= GIN
where is= WR-S
pour= POR
pours= PORS
claw= KLAU
claws= KLAUS
special= SPERB
boy= BOI
I am= IM
prince= PRINS
princess= PRIN/S*ES
honor= HON
yield= YAOELD
present= PRENT
to you= TOU
queen= QAOEN
forever= FOFR
refugee= REF/GAO*E
programs= PRAMS
trouble= TRUBL
popped= PO*PD
radar= RAIRD
misidentified= MIZ/AOIFD
American= MERN
South Korea= SO*UT/KRAE
almost= L-M
thirty= THIRT
trial= TRAOIL
ancestral= AN/STRA*L or AN/S*EFRLT
plane= PLAEN
I’m sorry= AOIMS
that is not= THAFNT
what I am= WHA*IM
protect= PROEKT
I want= IPT
struggle= STRUG
surround= SROUND
trust= TRUFT
heart= HART
breathe= BRAO*ET
he was= EFS
I can’t= YA
I can’t be= YAB
what would= WHALD
access= SKES
refuge= REF/FAO*UJ
countries= KUNTS
possesses= PESZ
stubborn= STBORN
what I wanted= WHAIPTD
is he= SE
we should= WERBD
auntie= AUNT/YI
Iraq= AOI/RA*K
conquers= KWORS
conquered= KWORD
herb= HERB
I don’t like this= YOBLGTS
I wouldn’t= YAO
defeat= DPAOET
silence= SLENS
pronouncements= PROUNS/-MTS
vegetarians= VEJ/TA*IRNS
outsider= OURDZ
fishermen= FIRB/*ER/M*EN
river= RIFR
border= BRORD
reunited= RAOE/AOUNTD
omit= OEMT
abandon= BAUN
what is= WHAS
no more= NOERM
with you= WU
monster= MOFRNT
mantle= MANLT
blanket= BLA*INGT
military= MILT
garden= GAERN
unit= AOUNT
election= LEX
monarch= MON/A*RK
transition= TRANGS
what about= WHAB
it is= T0S
will be= L-B
debt= DET
consider= K-R
army= AERM
towards= TAORDZ
enemy= NAOEM
kings= KINGS
power= POUR
powers= POURS
control= KROEL
what do you think= WHAOUNG
next= NEGT
resistance= RAOEFNS
detectors= SDERKTS
exactly= XL-KT
as you can see= SUKZ
clown= KLOUN
complete= KPLAOET
hatred= HAIT/TR*ED
agent= AGT
enemies= NAOEMS
cousin= KUFN
family= FAEM
fulfill= F-FL
exchange= XAING
believe= BLEF
science= SAOINZ
information= N-FGS
maybe= MAEB
ocean= OEGS
bondage= BOND/A*J
better than= BERN
you said= UDZ
California= KAL/KAL
Disneyland= DIZ/NAOE/LA*ND or DIZ/NI/LA*ND
center= STR-
outreach= TRAOEFP
magnetic= MAG/N*EKT
levitation= LEF/TA*IGS
efficient= FIRBT
obviously= OEFLS
transported= TR-PTD
palace= PAL/A*S
we need= WEFRN
what kind of= WHAOIFND
perfect= P-FRT
created= KRAOETD
something= S-G
mistakes= MAEKS
define= DPAOIN
decide= SDAOI
you get= UGT
Eric Stevens= ER/R*IK/STAOEFNS
reveal= RAEFL
identity= AOID
record= RORD
in your= NYOUR
justice= JUS
I don’t care= YOK
what do you want= WHAOUPT
comfortable= K-FRBL
billion= B-L
liberate= LIB/RA*IT
jury= JIR
judge= JUJ
executioner= SKAOUGS/N*ER
continent= KAUNT
reject= JEKT
request= KW-
afraid= FRAID
exercising= XERS/-G
within= W-N
I don’t need= YOFRN
should have= SHUF
office= OFS
this is= TH-S
ghost= GHOEFT
future= FAOURT
supposed= SPOEFD
I’m the= AOIMT
to go= TOG
immediately= MAOELD
nation= NAIGS
hours= HOURS
overthrow= AUFR/THROE
loyal= LOIL
thrown= THROEN
serve= SEFRB
unless= N-LS
first= FIRS
what has= WHABS
did you find= SDUFND
someday= SDAI
sunsets= SUN/S*ETS
welcome= WEM
lost= LO*S
everybody= EFRB
I should= IRBD
abandoned= BAUND
will be= L-B
ready= R-D
where was= WR-FS
go ahead= GHAED
oppressors= O/PRERSZ
oppress= O/PRES
strategy= STRAJ
anyone else= NINLS
children= KHIRN
empire= EM/PAO*IR
colonizers= KOL/NAO*IRSZ
what is= WHAS
spaceship= SPAIS/SH-P
social= SORBL
sovereign= SOFRN
in our= NOUR
examples= X-MS
illusions= IL/LAO*UGSZ
division= DWIGS
existence= XIFNS
separate= SPRAIT
crisis= KRAOIZ
bridges= BRIJS
barriers= BAR/Y*ERS
Ross= ROS
Okoye= O/KOE/YA*I or O/KOI/YA*I
SoundCloud= SOUND/KLO*UD
you’re welcome= YOURM
Americans= MERNS
canon= KAN/O*N
tool= TAOL
if you like= FUBLG
weapon= WEP
shepherds= SHERPDZ
textiles= TEX/TAO*ILS
golden= GOENLD
city= STI
marvel= MA*FRL
metal= MAELT
earth= *ERT
sew= SWE
piece= PAOES
thousands= THOUS
years= Y-RS
dealer= DLER
how much= HOUFP
spine= SPAOIN
give me= GIFM
stabilize= STAIBLZ
to us= TOUS
foreign= FOERN
intelligence= TEJS
operative= PRAIFT
duty= DAOUT
duties= DAOUTS
we can= WEK
of the= -FT
highest= HAOIFT
Bonnie and Clyde= BON/I/SKP-/KLAO*ID
routine= RAOUNT
today= TOD
you really= *URL
as much= S-FP
crazy= KRAEZ
uncle= UNG
identical= Y-L
possible= POB
grandfather= GRA*ER
too much= TAOFP
choice= KHOIS
truth= TRAO*UT
observe= OEB
radicalize= RAD/KA*LZ
incarcerated= KRAITD
support= SPOR
save= SAF
maintain= MAINT
little= LIL
colonizer= KOL/NAO*IRZ
pilot= PAOILT
former= FRORM
magic= MIJ
magically= MIJ/LI
heal= HAEL
return= RURN
from us= FRUS
you have= UF
opportunity= TAOUNT
proceed= PRAOED
ahead= HAED
besides= BESZ
brother= BROER
communication= KMUNGS
devices= DWAOISZ
audio= AOD
interface= SBR-/FAIS
sandals= SANLDZ
elders= ERLDZ
automated= AUT/MA*ITD
absorbent= SORBT
sneakers= SNAOERKS
never mind= NEFRMD
exhibit= XIB
helmet= HEL/M*ET
tempting= TEMGT
idea= Y-D
noticed= N-TS/-D
genius= GAOENZ or JAOENZ
invite= VAOIT
absorb= SORB
kinetic= K*INGT
energy= N-RJ
footage= FAOJ
ridiculous= KAOULS
disgrace= SDRAIS
likely= LAOIL
woman= WOM
complicated= KPLIKTD
thank you= THAUNG
highness= HAOINS
U.S.= UZ
government= GOFT
person= PERN
I don’t see= YOZ
entourage= AON/TORJ
mixtape= MIX/TA*IP
link= L*ING
with you= WU
thank you very much= THAUFP
diamonds= DAOIMDZ
fancy= FANS/YI
money= MUN
suitcase= SAOUT/KA*IS
I made= IMD
we just= WEJT
catch= KAFP
shortcut= SHORKT
what was= WHAFS
worry= WOIR
about it= B*T
primitive= PRIFMT
bullets= BULTS
penetrate= PRAINT
in the= N-T
forget= FERGT
did you get= SDUGT
mercy= MERS/YI
hello= HO*EL
questioning= KWEG
custody= KUD
English= GLIRB

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April 13 2018

Friday Phrases

Friday Phrases Logo
first aid= FAED
first and foremost= FIFRMT
first name= FIRN
last name= LAFN
last night= LAFNT
last time= LAFMT
last year= LAFR
less than= LAEFN
less than the= LAEFNT
less than this= LAEFNTS

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Category: Briefs | LEAVE A COMMENT
April 13 2018

Merriam-Webster’s Word Of The Day: Aegis

Aegis means the following: “(1) A shield or breastplate emblematic of majesty that was associated with Zeus and Athena.

(2a) Protection. (2b) Controlling or conditioning influence.

(3a) Auspices, sponsorship. (3b) Control or guidance especially by an individual, group, or system.”


OPTION #1: aegis= AOE/GIS
OPTION #2: aegis= AOE/G*IS
OPTION #3: aegis= AOE/JIS
OPTION #4: aegis= AOE/J*IS

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April 1 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Jessica Jones- Season 2, Episode 5

Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 5
aquarium= KWAIRM
apartment= PARMT
alibi= AEB
sloppy= SLOIP
hypothetical= H*PT
emotion= MAOEGS
common= KMON
external= XERNL
internal= SBERNL
cell= KREL
statement= STAIMT
proof= PRAOF
they believe= THEBL
that you know= THAUN
professional= PROEFL
discretion= SDREFGS
obstruction= BRUX
justice= JUS
poodle= PAO*LD
probation= PRAIX
violation= VAOILGS
eighteen= AEN
lump= LUFRP
maniac= MA*ING
unsolved= UN/SO*FLD
concern= KERN
at the= TE-
alienate= YENLT
career= KRAOER
computer= KPAOURT
gun= G-N
itchy= IFP/YI
fingers= FIRNGS
former= FRORM
employers= PLOIRS
suddenly= SULD
alias= AILZ
Sophie= SOEF/YI
monster= MOFRNT
practicing= PRAG
would you mind= WOUMD
I can’t remember the= YARMT
last time= LAFMT
animals= ANLS
Marcus= MAR/K*US
sorry= SOR
crashing= KRARBG
practice= PRA
terrible= TERBL
today= TOD
legal= LAOEL
advice= VIS
this morning= THORNG
too late= TAOLT
comfortable= K-FRBL
beetle= BAOELT
slaughter= SLAURT
lawyer= LAUR
Nick= N*IK
abilities= ABLTS
patients= PAIRBTS
program= PRAM
genetic= JENGT
editing= Y*IGT
there were= THR-RP
side effects= SFEKTS
enhanced= KBANS/-D
person= PERN
beginning= GING
quiet= QAET
alive= LOIF
online= AONL
bathtub= BA*T/T*UB
murder= MURD
process= PROS
vomit= VOMT
medication= MEGS
photo= FOET
criminal= KRINL
cameras= KMRAS
leap= LAOEP
cooperate= KAOPT
detective= DEKT
listen= L-N
nightmares= NAOI/MA*IRS
finger= FIRNG
trigger= TRIRG
hypnosis= HIP/NO*EZ
leverage= LEFRJ
story= STOER
stump= STUFRP
witness= W-NS
protection= PROEX
annoying= NOIG
arrest= AR
embarrassing= KBRAGS
bribery= BROIRB
perjury= PEJ
in action= N*X
investigator= VERGT
alias= AILZ
flashback= FLARB/BA*K
David= DAIFD
janitor= JAN/TO*R
confessed= FEFD
it happened= T-PD
psych= SAOIK
already= L-RD
associate= SOERBT
promote= PROEMT
regretting= GREGT
serial= SAOERL
someplace= SPLAIS
homicide= HOM
online= AONL
with it= W*T
collect= KLEKT
dinner= DIRN
hypothetically= H*PLT that
secure= SKAOUR
therapist= THAERPT
forge= FORJ
documents= DAOUMTS
Griffin= GR*IFN
hurry= HUR
ambiance= OM/BAOE/O*NS
forward= FOARD
Alice= AL/*IS
Tim= T*IM
intervention= SB-FNGS
secret= SKRET
color= KLOR
impress= KBRES
wiggle= WIG/*L
conflict= KIKT
congratulations= GLAIGS
tabloid= TAB/LO*ID
apparently= PAERNLT
enjoy= GOI
upgrade= UPGD
pretend= PREND
popular= POP
grandma= GRAND/MA*
obnoxious= OB/NOX/SJ*US
sangria= SAN/GRAOE?A*
Spañada= SPA/NA/DA*
pretty= PRIT
ropa vieja= ROE/PA*/VAOE/HA*
mojitos= MOE/HAOE/T*OES
coffee= KO*EF
ridiculous= KAOULS
Egyptian= AOE/GIPT/SHA*N
generous= JERNS
would you like= WOUBLG
breakfast= BREFS
of course,= -FX
invite= VAOIT
royal= ROIL
specifically= SPEFL
minute= MIN
Dave= DA*IF
recreation= KRAOERGS
session= SEGS
therapy= THAERP
emptied= EMTD
do you remember= DOURM
besides= BESZ
I forgot= FORGT
girlfriend= GOIF
what happened= WHAPD
healed= HAELD
murderer= MRURD
octopuses= OKT/P*USZ
octopus= OKT/P*US
size= SAOIZ
quarter= QAERT
genes= GAOENS
de novo= DAOE/NOE/VO*E
Carl= KA*RL
lunch= LUFP
picture= PIR
sober= SOERB
plead= PLAOED
figured= FIGD
disappointment= SPOIMT
arrogant= AR/GA*NT
body= BOED
confirm= KWIRM
attacked= TW-KD
ditches= DIFPS
solitary= SOL/TA*ER
circling= SL-G
each other= AOEFRP
creatures= KRAOEFPTS
exit= XIT

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