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Oct 13

Friday Phrases

criminal justice system= KRUJS criminal justice= KRUJ I don’t believe this= YOBLTS did you need= SDUFRN did you need the= SDUFRNT did you need this= SDUFRNTS did you need to= SDUFRNTD

Oct 06

Friday Phrases

prescription drug= PRIPD prescription drugs= PRIPDZ independent recollection= N-RGS ordinarily reasonable person= OERNL will you find= LUFND intersection of= SB-FX

Oct 02

Briefs, Phrases, and Legal Terminology From Boston Legal Season 1, Episode 12

how bad= HOUBD is he= SE brilliant= BRIL litigation= LIGS enormous= NAOERMS where is= WR-S administrative= MIF what was= WHAFS elevator= L-FRT did I= SDI I wouldn’t know= YAON at the same time= TAIMT you wanted= UPTD to see= TOZ summary judgment= SMAERJT negligence= NEJS intentional= SBENLGS infliction= FLIX memoranda= MAUMD plead= PLAOED amend= AMD …

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Oct 02

Medical Monday: Insufflate

To insufflate is “to blow (air, medicinal gas, etc.) into an opening or upon some part of the body.” MACHINE BRIEFS: OPTION #1: insufflate= IN/SUF/LA*IT OPTION #2: insufflate= IN/SA/FLA*IT

Sep 26

Briefs And Phrases From Amy

Amy Movie Poster

everyone else= EFRNLS this is= TH-S lollipop= LOL/YI/PO*P no one= NO*N fourteenth= FO*URNT birthday= B*IRTD happy= HAEP Washington= WARB/WARB Vaughn= VAUN learned= LERND everything= EFRG really= R-L important= PORN always= AULS if I want= FIPT what’s= WHAES January= JAN year= Y-R lunchtime= LOIM or LUFPT talent= TAENLT singer= SIRNG record= RORD I just= IJT poems= …

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Sep 25

Medical Monday: Ileitis

Ileitis is the inflammation of the ileum (the lower three fifths of the small intestine). Machine Briefs: OPTION #1: ileitis= IL/YAOITS OPTION #2: ileitis= IL/YAO*ITS OPTION #3: ileitis= IL/YI/AOITS OPTION #4: ileitis= IL/YI/AOI/T*IS OPTION #5: ileitis= IL/YI/AOIT/T*IS OPTION #6: ileitis= IL/YI/AOIT/*IS

Sep 22

Briefs And Phrases From Captain America Civil War

Captain America Civil War

all right= L-RT what= WHA do you see= DOUZ standard= STD small= SMAUL station= STAIGS quiet= KWAET street= STRAOET target= TARGT ATM= A*MT cameras= KMRAS corner= KRORM compromised= KPROMD escaped= SKAEPD afraid= FRAID bulletproof= BLAOF private= PRAOIFT secure= SKAOUR security= SKAOURT which means= KH-MS Shoulder= SHOURLD nature= NAUR paranoid= POID folks= FOKZ months= MOS problem= …

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Sep 22

Friday Phrases

are you familiar= RUFM squad car= SQAR squad cars= SQARS among the= MONGT among this= MONGTS among these= MONGZ

Sep 21

Theory Thursday: 10 Short Conversations (Practice Video With Steno Notes)

Elsie Villega Theory Thursday 10 Short Conversations Case CAT Screen Shot

Sep 08

Friday Phrases

one lane= WUNL two lane= TWOL three lane= THRAOEL four lane= FOURL two lanes= TWOLS three lanes= THRAOELS four lanes= FOURLS one-lane= W*UNL two-lane= TWO*L three-lane= THRAO*EL four-lane= FO*URL

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