September 7 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Iron Fist- Season 1, Episode 1

Iron Fist Season 1 Episode 1

you should= URBD
hi= HI
anymore= NIM
to see= TOZ
Harold= HA*RLD
Meachum= MAOE/KH*UM
I’m sorry= AOIMS
Danny= DAN/YI
kind of been= KAOIFB
for a long time= FLONGT
minute= MIN
skateboard= SKAIT/BAO*RD
will be= L-B
thank you= THAUNG
interactive= SBRAFKT
out of= OUF
whoa= WHAO
I just= IJT
excuse me= SKAOUFM
are you= RU
did you get= SDUGT
elevator= L-FRT
definitely= DAFL
they can= THEK
crazy= KRAEZ
let me= LEM
examine= X-
afraid= FRAID
I didn’t know= YIN
can you get= KUGT
security= SKAOURT
cancer= KAERN
twelve= TWEFL
years ago= YAOERGS
sorry= SOR
all of= A*UFL
parents= PARNTS
show you= SHOEU
I guess= IGS
I need= IFRN
what you need= WHAUFRN
is to get= STOGT
office= OFS
seriously= SAOERLZ
to the= TOT
stage= STAIJ
deli= DEL/YI
have a= VA
cup= K*UP
we can= WEK
talk about this= TAUBTS
insane= SNAIN
if you think= FUNG
and have= SKP-F
tea= TAE
with you= WU
you need= UFRN
calm= KAUM
to do= TAOD
whoever= WHOFR
it is= T-S
that you= THAU
I don’t want to= YOPTD
I didn’t mean= YIM
piece= PAOES
attacked= TW-KD
lobby= LOIB
in this= NIS
personal= PERNL threat
and will= SKPL-
respond= SPON
whatever= WHAFR
necessary= NES
I think= AOING
that means= THAMS
do this= DO*TS
all this= AULTS
fifteen= FAOEN
years= Y-RS
and his= SKPHIS
and this= SKP-TS
nowhere= NO*R
what you know= WHAUN
little= LIL
weird= WERD
in your= NYOUR
what you are= WHA*UR
had you= HU
remind= RAOIMD
Billy= BIL/YI
he was= EFS
when I= WHI
retired= RIRD
Kentucky= KEN/KEN
Avenue= A*EF
fifty= FAEFT
I don’t think so= YONGS
what do you mean= WHAOUM
disgusting= SGUFGT
what’s= WHAES
kind of= KAOIF
problem= BLEM
spook= SPAOK
all right= L-RT
I do not recall= YO*RL
before= B-F
traveler= TRAFRL
iPod= AOI/PO*D
iPhone= AOI/FO*EN
you can= UK
anything= NIG
you want= UPT
on the= ONT
internet= SBET
in my= NAOI
center= STR-
Florida= FLA* FLA/FLA
anybody= NIB
cancels= KAELS
service= SEFS
I remember this= IRMTS
plane= PLAEN
crash= KRARB
is that the= STHAT
anybody else= NIBLS
wow= WO*U
funeral= FAOURNL
mayor= MAIR
everything= EFRG
do you know= DAOUN
shoes= SHAOUZ
at the= TE
shelter= SHERLT
previous= PRAOEFS
other than the= OERNT
to get= TO*GT
blood= BLAOD
to find= TOFND
pretty= PRIT
alike= LOIK
special= SPERB
creatures= KRAOEFPTS
exactly= XL-KT
to you= TOU
it really= T*RL
promise= PROM
which means= KH-MS
second= SEKD
when he= WHE
ask him= SKHIM
detain= DAIN
arrested= ARD
and I will see= SKPILZ
trial= TRAOIL
and you are= SKPUR
convicted= VIKTD
malicious= LIRBS
harassment= HARMT
for the= F-RT
maximum= MAX
used= AOUFD
to be= TOB
Daniel= DANL
tomorrow= TOM
Manhattan= MANT
on the= ONT
soccer= SKER
goalie= GOEL/YI
online= AONL
in my= NAOI
this is= TH-S
study= STOI
last night= LAFNT
I got= *IGT
is this you= STU
cool= KAOL
Colleen= KO*L/lAO*EN
wing= WING
English= GLIRB
mandarin= MAND/R*IN
I was= IFS
wondering= WURNGD
if I could= FIKD
already= L-RD
outside= OUDZ
this morning= THORNG
may have= MAIF
broken= BROENG
level= LEFL
posted= POEFTD
what he= WHAE
into the= NAOT
jumped= JUFRPD
like it= LAO*IKT
acrobat= AK/BA*T
psychopath= SKO*EPT
with this= W-TS
actually= TWAEL
that I was= THAIFS
we went= WEFRG
alive= LOIF
all these= AULZ
do you really= DO*URL
think the= THIT
coincidental= KWOINLS
we’re= WAO*ER
announce= NOUNS
expansion= NANGS
perception= PEFRPGS
leadership= LOIP
struggle= STRUG
from this= FR-TS
outstanding= OUS
competition= KPEGS
anyone= NIN
corporate= KORPT
sabotage= SBAUJ
and let me= SKPLEM
I said= IDZ
pull over= PLOFR
gun= G-N
I just want= IFPT
police= PLIS
anger= ANG
hostility= HOFLT
I’ve= AO*IF
honestly= HONLS
aggravating= GRAIFGT
I’m going to= AOIMGTD
ask you= SKU
it feel= T-FL
penny= PEN/YI
from us= FRUS
who said= WHODZ
money= MUN
what do you want= WHAOUPT
company= K-P
that has= THABS
my name= MAO*IN
on it= O*NT
answers= AENSZ
listening= L-NG
Wendell= WEN/D*EL
Himalayas= HIM/LAI/YA*S
you are not= URNT
relatives= REFLTS
fingerprint= F-P
fingerprints= F-PS
what you were= WHAURP
in the= N-T
freezer= FRAOERZ
sandwich= SDWIFP
familiar= FAM
that is= THAS
inside= N-DZ
it feels= T-FLS
year-old= YAOERLD
and you know= SKPUN
next= NEGT
like this= LAOIKTS
maybe= MAEB
stop the= STOPT
stop this= STOPTS
hungry= HOING
chicken= KHIK/*EN
parm= PA*RM
Italian= AOI/TAL/YA*N
of the= -FT
plenty= PLENT
if you know= FAOUN
it all= TA*UL
cosigned= KAO*IND
couple= KUPL
we were= WERP
hunters= HURNTS
seventies= SEFNTS
idiot= ID/YO*T
cities= STIS
and everything= SKPEFRG
purpose= PURP
Buddha= BAOU/DA*
is to find= STOFND
oppression= O/PREFGS
honor= HON
sacrifice= SFIS
Bleecker= BLAO*ERK
along the= LAONGT
lovely= LOFL
Thursday= THURS
otherwise= OERZ
coffee= KO*EF
down the= DO*UNT
at one= TWUN
so you should= SOURBD
I want= IPT
challenge= KHAL
master= MAFRT
protocol= PROELT
visit= VIFT
dojo= DOE/JO*E
accept= SEP
kung fu= KUNG/FAO*U
lessons= LEFNS
students= STAOUNTS
I could= IKD
classes= KLASZ
that was= THAFS
hassle= HAFL
at all= TA*UL
which is= KH-S
practice= PRA
edge= EJ
last time= LAFMT
nicely= NAOILS
apologize= JAOIZ
inconvenience= IN/VAOENS
security guard= SGAURD
hello= HO*EL
Shannon= SHAN/*ON
discuss= SKUS
in person= KBERN
of course,= -FX
Hawaii= H*I
Chinese= KHAOINZ
is going to= SG-GTD
affect= FAEKT
compensation= KPENGS
it like= TLAOIK
you’re= YO*UR
care of the= KAIFRT
do you even= DOUFN
one of= WUFN
stupid= STAOUPD
ignore= GOR
about it= B*T
astounded= STOUND
I get= IGT
disappointed= SPOINTD
how much= HOUFP
does it= DAO*T
hire= HIR
they’re= TH*ER
single= SINL
commit= KMIT
build= BL-
builds= BL-S
loyalty= LOILT
Wendell= WEN/D*EL
Kyle= KAO*IL
would you ever= WOUFR
betray= BRAE
no, sir= NOS
midnight= MAOID
too late= TAOLT
Jesus= JAOEZ
character= KHARK
to have= TOF
lunatic= LAOUN/T*IK
about him= BHIM
business= BIS
enemy= NAOEM
and had= SKPH-
at a time= TAIT
and I have been= SKPIFB
through this= THRUTS
if this= F-TS
have happened= V-PD
public= PUB
did you ever= UFR
does he know= DAO*EN
did he tell= SDELP
how the= HOUT
martial= MA*RBL
approach this= PROEFPTS
finesse= FA/N*ES
like the= LAOIKT
handle= HANL
awake= WOIK
as long as the= SLONGTS
cycle= SAOIBLG
existence= XIFNS
happiness= HAENS
attain= A/TAIN
constant= SKANT
I know= AOIN
all the= AULT
button= BON
you think= AOUNG
by the way= BAE
preposterous= PRAOE/POS/TER/R*US
guns= G-NS
are you sure= RUZ
to believe= TOBL
might have= MAOIF
instigated= IN/STA/GA*ITD
accent= SAENT
maybe the= MAEBT
zen= S*EN
I should= IRBD
questions= QES
I don’t even know= YOEFN
you just= UJT
over the= O*EFRT
and then= SKPHEN
why would= Y*LD

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September 7 2018

Friday Phrases

Friday Phrases Logo
did you notice= SDUTS
were you going= PRUG
were you going the= PRUGT
were you going this= PRUGTS
were you going to= PRUGTD
were you going to the= PR*UGTD
when you return= WHURN
when you returned= WHURND

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September 6 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Luke Cage- Season 2, Episode 13

Luke Cage Season 2 Episode 13
objection= OX
to believe= TOBL
District Attorney= DAO*
prosecution= PR-GS
arraignment= AERNT
violations= VAOILGSZ
financial= F-NL
irregularities= IRGTS
squirming= SKWIRMG
slither= SL*IRT
upstanding= AUP/STANG
community= KMAOUNT
delta= DEL/TA*
sigma= SIG/MA*
denied= D-ND
passport= PAFRPT
entertaining= SBAING
proceed= PRAOED
Your Honor= URN
eroding= AOE/ROEGD
global= GLOEBL
science= SAOINZ
thunderstorm= THURND/STO*RM
hurricane= HUR/KA*IN
fortified= FOIFD
resources= SRORSZ
overwhelmed= WHOEMD
torrential= TOR/REN/SHA*L
evacuate= AOEFKT
fortify= FOIF
too late= TAOLT
I find= IFND
Katrina= KA/TRAOE/NA*
violent= V-LT
percent= PERS
emergency= M-J
professor= PROEFR
Columbia= KLOM
University= AO*UFRT
resident= REFNT
everybody else= EFRBLS
off the= OFT
knight= NAO*IT
vittles= vilts
Patty= PA*T/YI
Hearst= H*ERS
do you know= DAOUN
snoop= SNAOP
festers= FEFRTS
carved= KAFRBD
birthday= B*IRTD
Dominicans= DOE/MIN/KA*NS
Puerto Ricans= P-R/P-R/*ANS
Koreans= KRAENS
Italians= AOI/TAL/YA*NS
I can’t= YA
when I was= WHIFS
manager= M-G
autographs= AOT/GRA*FS
punks= P*UNGS
aneurysm= AN/R*IFM
in your= NYOUR
I don’t like= YOBLG
candidate= KAND
who wants= WHOPTS
system= ST-M
on its= O*NTS
faucet= FAUFT
invite= VAOIT
Italy= IT/LI
goodbye= GAOIB
remember= RER
Mabel= MA*IBL
kerosene= KERZ
myth= M*IT
if the= F-T
pierce= PAOERS
Pleasant Avenue= PLEFNT/A*EF
Russian= RURB/YA*N
Moscow= MOS/CO*U
Brighton Beach= BRAOIT/O*N/BA*EFP
too much= TAOFP
warehouse= WROUS
Feds= F*EDZ
action= -X
highway= HOI
west side= WEFDZ
lockbox= LOK/BO*X
coffee= KO*EF
espresso= ES/PRES/O*E
cup= K*UP
redemption= RAOE/DEMGS
attorney= TOERN
illegal= ILG
listen= L-N
inadmissible= IN/DMIFBL
Porsche= PO*RB
what about the= WHABT
untouchable= UN/TOUFPBL
jury= JIR
widow= DWO
seduced= SDAOUFD
inveigle= IN/VAILG
aggressive= GRAEFS
admitted= DMITD
permission= PERMGS
tampered= TAFRP/*ERD
reasonable doubt= -RD
guilt= G-LT
invoke= KBOEK
privilege= PRIF
sugar= SHURG
victim= VIM
massacre= MAS/K*ER
indictment= DAOIMT
involuntary manslaughter= VOIM
better than= BERN
when you had= WHUD
that much= THAFP
police= PLIS
dangerous= DAIJS
meditate= MED/TA*IT
testify= TEF
patched= PAFPD
projects= PROJZ
tuition= TWIGS
diplomat= DPLOEMT
Kissinger= KIS/*IN/J*ER
give me= GIFM
to you= TOU
when you= WHU
understood= NAOND
college= KLEJ
graduate= GRAUT
legacy= LEGZ
would have happened= WOFPD
swivel= SWIFL
to see= TOZ
closure= KLAOUR
implicitly= KBLIFLT
number= NUB
last time= LAFMT
at all= TA*UL
necessary= NES
do you really= DO*URL
single= SINL
contradict= KRIKT
they see= THEZ
excellence= XLENS
scratch= SKRAFP
forgive me= FRIFM
anticipated= PAETD
precious= PRERBS
almost= L-M
sorry= SOR
no one= NO*N
betray= BRAE
music= MAOUK
whether or not= WHRORNT
surrender= SRERND
rhythm= R*IMT
official= FIRBL
unusual= NAOURB
this is= TH-S
repaired= R-PD
warden= WAERND
jumpsuit= JUFRP/SAO*UT
little= LIL
delusional= DLAOULGS
catalyst= KAT/L*IFT
preacher= PRAOEFRP
regal= RAOE/GAL
saving= SAFG
company= K-P
I will= IL
anonymous= NOUS
ledger= LEJ/*ER
cremate= KRAOEMT
ashes= ARBS
mahogany= MA/HOG/NAO*E
I feel= IFL
personally= PLERNL
November= NOEF
dealers= DLERS
faucet= FAUFT
trump= TRUFRP
about it= B*T
merchandise= M-DZ
Switzerland= SWITS/LA*ND
rook= RAOK
handwritten= HARN
Basquiat= BAS/KWAOE/A*T
studio= STAOUD
museum= MAO*UFM
foundation= FOUNGS
keyboard= KAOEBD
and I= SKPI
jewel= JAOUL
as much as= S-FPS
beauty= BOIT
against the= GENTS
kingdom= KING/DO*M
do you want= DOUPT
above= BOF
dictator= DAIRKT
quiet= QAET
enforce= KBORS
hesitate= HEZ
counting= KOUNGT
on it= O*NT
downstairs= DOUNTS
anything else= NILGS
crusade= KRAOUFD
incarcerated= KRAITD
success= S-K
strength= STRENG

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September 6 2018

Merriam-Webster’s Word Of The Day: Quiddity

Quiddity is defined as follows: “(1) Whatever makes something the type that it is. Essence. (2a) A trifling point. Quibble. (2b) An unusual personal opinion or habit. Eccentricity.”


OPTION 1: quiddity= QID/T*I
OPTION 2: quiddity= QID/TAO*E
OPTION 3: quiddity= QID/A/T*I
OPTION 4: quiddity= QID/DA/T*I
OPTION 5: quiddity= QID/A/TAO*E
OPTION 6: quiddity= QID/DA/TAO*E

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September 5 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Luke Cage- Season 2, Episode 12

Luke Cage S 2 Ep 12
outfit= AOUT/F*IT
each other= AOEFRP
heroin= HOIRN
practically= PRAEL
everywhere= *EFR
package= PAJ
bogarted= BOE/GA*RTD
guilty= GELT
niece= NAOES
Chinese= KHAOINZ
handcuffs= H-FS
excuses= SKAOUSZ
last time= LAFMT
plague= PLAEG
meeting= MAOEGT
funny= FOIN
begin= GIN
eliminate= L*IM
pebble= PEBL
collective= KLEFKT
centuries= SENS
networks= TWORKS
organized= ORGD
customers= KMERZ
profits= PROFTS
legitimate= JIT
access= SKES
assets= SAETS
advantageous= VANGZ
specific= SPEFK
of course,= -FX
million dollars= M-LDZ
privilege= PRIF
cathedral= KA/THAOED/RA*L
galley= GAL/YI
published= PL-RBD
handwritten= HARN
alterations= ALT/RA*IGS
legitimize= JIT/MAO*IZ
proffer= PROFR
prosecutors= PR-RS
discloses= SKLOESZ
cooperation= KAOPGS
disclose= SKLOES
closure= KLAOUR
U.S.A.= *UZ
convictions= VIXZ
should be= SHUB
poison= POIFN
Nina= NAOE/NA*
Curtis= KURT/*IS
Casio= KAS/YO*E
dapper= DAP/*ER
Dan= DA*N
duty= DAOUT
rep= R*EP
daydream= DAI/DRAO*EM
about how to= BHOUTD
foolish= FAORBL
poetic= POEKT
concert= SKERT
unity= YAOUNT
statement= STAIMT
rodeo= DWROE
date of birth= DOB
Ponce= PONS/A*
Puerto Rico= P-R/P-R
Patricia= PA/TRIRB/A*
virus= VAOIRS
infiltrates= KB-FLTS
quarantine= QWARN/TAO*EN
motivation= MOEFGS
fortified= FOIFD
castle= KAFLT
passageways= PAFJ/WA*ES
prohibition= HIBGS
secret= SKRET
weapon= WEP
destroy= STROI
Switzerland= SWITS/LA*ND
I couldn’t= YU
incognito= IN/KOG/NAOE/TO*E
ecstatic= EK/STA*KT
recuse= RAOE/KAOUS
barge= BARJ
default= DPAULT
I didn’t know= YIN
search warrant= SWARNT
justice= JUS
allergies= LAOERJS
junior= J-R
arcade= AR/KA*ID
apologize= JAOIZ
handled= HANLD
human being= HAOUB
where the= WR-T
he went= HEFRG
I don’t think= YONG
right to remain silent= R-RS
do you really= DO*URL
gutter= GURT
lowlife= LOE/LAO*IF
philanthropist= FA/LAN/THROE/P*IFT
public= PUB
opinion= P-N

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September 4 2018

September 4, 2018: Briefs & Phrases From This Week’s News Stories

I Love Steno Logo (Cropped)
Aretha= A/RAOE/THA*
Franklin= FRA*ING/LIN
Ariana= A/RAOE/A/NA*
Grande= GRA*END
Smokey= SMOEK/YI (NOTE: Stroke K-L to capitalize)
Robinson= ROB/*IN/SO*N
Eminem= EM/A/N*EM
kamikaze= KAM/KA*EZ
Gladys= GLAD/*IS
knight= NAO*IT (NOTE: Stroke K-L to capitalize)
Cardi B= KARD/YI/B*P
offset= AUF/SET (NOTE: Stroke K-L to capitalize)
Netflix= NET/FL*IX
Dave= DA*IF
Bautista= BAU/TIFT/A*
avengers= A*FRJ (NOTE: Stroke K-L to capitalize) crypto crypto= KRIP/TO*E or KRIPT/O*E or KRIPT/TO*E
cryptocurrency= KRIP/TOE/K*URNZ
cryptomaniacs= KRIP/TOE/MA*IN/YA*KS
Hawaii= H*I or HI/HI
Honolulu= HON/LAOU/LAO*U
pink= P*ING
Cadillacs= KAD/LA*KS
pancreatic= PAN/KRAO*EKT
cancer= KAERN
Jenner= JEN/*ER
Travis= TRAFS
Scott= SKOT
supreme court= SKORT
Roseland= ROEFLD or ROEZ/LA*ND
Pete= PAO*ET
Davidson= DAIFD/SO*N
Serena= SA/RAOE/NA*
Williams= WL-MS
Venus= VAO*EN/*US
U.S. Open= UZ/O*EP
Samsung= SA*M/SUNG or SA*M/S*UNG
Janet= JANT or JAENT
Jackson= JAFN
John= JO*N
McCain= M*K/KA*IN
funeral= FAOURNL
village= VIL (NOTE: Stroke K-L to capitalize)
voice= VOIS (NOTE: Stroke K-L to capitalize)
Amazonization= AM/SO*N/ZA*IGS
Whole Food
Tesla= T*ES/LA*
musk= MUFK (NOTE: Stroke K-L to capitalize)
Coca-Cola= KOE/KA/KOE/LA*
costa= KOS/TA* (NOTE: Stroke K-L to capitalize)
moxie= MOX/YI
beverage= BEFRJ
Microsoft= MAOIRK/SO*FT
parental= PARNLT
Twitter= TW*IRT
unfollow= UN/FOL
recommendations= REMGS
ads= A*DZ
advertising= TAOIGZ
Starbucks= STAR/B*UKS
healthier= HOIRLT
frappuccino frappuccino frappuccino frappuccino
recipes= RES/PAO*ES
policy= POIL
ecologist= AOE/KO*LGT
New York= NORK
whales= WHAILS
acquired= QIRD
Chicago= KHI/KHI or KH*I
design= SDAOIN
school= SKAOL
Facebook= FAIB
renewable= RAOE/NU/-BL
energy= N-RJ
Spotify= SPOT/FAO*I
dominate= DOMT
podcasting= POD/KA*FGT
crazy= KRAEZ
rich= RIFP
Asians= AIGSZ
Labor Day= LAIB/DA*I
weekend= WEND

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Category: Briefs | LEAVE A COMMENT
September 4 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Luke Cage- Season 2, Episode 11

Luke Cage Season 2 Episode 11
from the= FR-T
target= TARGT
barricaded= BAR/KA*ID/-D
in a= NA
hostage= HOFJ
babysitting= BAEBGT
resists= RAOEFTS
blindfold= BLAOIND/FO*ELD
diet= DAO*IT
first name= FIRN
freestyle= FRAOE/STAO*IL
confusion= KWAOUGS
diversions= DWERGSZ
hardware= HARD/WA*ER
fugitive= FAOUJT
dashcam= DARB/KA*M
tactical= TAKT/KA*L
inspector= SPERKT
yes, sir= YES
inch= N-FP
obvious= OEFS
clear-headed= KLAOER/H*ED/-D
rhyme= RAOIM
violence= V-LS
poetry= POET/TRAO*E
landline= LAND/LAO*IN
Damon= DAI/MO*N
Boone= BAO*N
police= PLIS
approach= PROEFP
leverage= LEFRJ
unpredictability= UN/PRIKT/-BLT
reciprocity= RES/PRO*FT
terrorism= TRIFM
tourniquet= TURN/Q*ET
Ridley= RID/LI
stabilized= STAIBLDZ
negotiate= GOERBT
on the floor= OFL
Scotch= SKOFP
decisiveness= SDAOIFNS
go ahead= GHAED
hostess= HOEFT/*ES
protesting= PREFGT
kitchen= KIFP
prohibition= HIBGS
storage= STORJ
underneath= NAO*ERT
hurry= HUR
revenge= REFJ
out of this= OUFTS
entrenched= EN/TREN/*FPD
lunatic= LAOUN/T*IK
outcome= OUK
beneficial= BERBL
which you can= KHUK
independent= N-PT
confirmation= KWIRMGS
encounter= KBOURNT
law enforcement= LAUFMT
weapons= WEPS
should have= SHUF
are you sure= RUZ
absolutely= SLUL
authorized= TORDZ
experimental= XERMT/A*L
remain= RAIM
chopper= KHORP
proceed= PRAOED
juice= JAOUS
eventually= VAENL
regular= REG
Frank= FRA*ING
Castle= KA*FLT
movement= MOFMT
at the= TE
medical= MEL
charismatic= KHRIFMT
laughter= LAFRT
reverend= REFRND
last name= LAFN
tension= TENGS
testifying= TEFG
helicopter= HEL/KO*RPT
medication= MEGS
West Indian= W*EFT/IND/YA*N
clinic= KLIN
familiar= FAM
blow= BLO
take care= TAERK
no matter= NORMT
surrender= SRERND
minutes= MINS
South= SO*UT
usually= AOURBL
waitress= WAIT/TR*ES
upstairs= UPTS
careful= KAIF
dental= DENLT
vein= VAIN
blood supply= BLAOFP
forearm= FROERM
stalks= STAUKS
Corvette= KO*R/V*ET
joy-ride= JOI/RAO*ID
judge= JUJ
marines= MRAOENS
juvie= JAOUF/YI
self defense= SD-FNS
shank= SHA*ING
cancer= KAERN
shelter= SHERLT
genesis= GENZ
likewise= LAOIKZ
amends= AMDZ
Dana= DAI/NA*
Etta= ET/TA*
lethal= LAO*ELT
damsel= DAM/S*EL
Felicia= FA/LAOE/SHA*
Willis= WIL/*IS
listen= L-N
dozens= DOSZ
custody= KUD
verify= VOIF

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September 3 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Luke Cage- Season 2, Episode 10

Luke Cage Season 2 Episode 10
video= VAO
day-to-day= DTD
copyright= KPAOERT
swagger= SWARG
Bruce Lee= BRAO*US/LAO*E
Manhattan= MANT
handle= HANL
promise= PROM
excuse me= SKAOUFM
skirmish= SKIR/M*IRB
capture= KPUR
dab= DAB
fireman= FRAN
sacrifice= SFIS
selfie= SEFL/YI
where I was= WRIFS
office= OFS
seriously= SAOERLZ
approve= PROIF
lair= LA*IR
what’s= WHAES
city= STI
defend= D-F
Shaolin= SHAO/L*IN
T-shirt= TWIRT
do you say= DO*US
contract= KR-T
extreme= STREM
duress= DURS
documented= DAOUMTD
tortured= TOR/TAO*URD
Raymond= RAI/MO*ND
legally= LAOEL/LI
expedited= SDAOITD
police= PLIS
litigation= LIGS
is yours= SYOURS
matters= MAERTS
skim= SKIM
money= MUN
platter= PLAERT
meditating= MED/TA*IGT
silence= SLENS
communicate= KMUN
what do you think= WHAOUNG
with this= W-TS
injured= J*URD
maybe= MAEB
escaped= SKAEPD
blew= BLAOU
paddy= PAD/YI
muscles= MUFLS
hospital= HOPT
golden= GOENLD
distracted= SDRAKTD
focus= FOEKS
different= DIFRN
I guess= IGS
settled= SELTD
almost= L-M
keycard= KAOE/KA*RD
investigation= VEGS
apothecary= A/PO*T/KA*ER
chaotic= KHAOKT
original= ORJ
album= AL/B*UM
records= RORDZ
balancing= BALG
structure= STRUR
mental= MENL
manipulate= MIP
too much= TAOFP
grasshopper= GRAS/HO*RP
toxic= TOX
effective= FEF
frequently= FREL
heroin= HOIRN
dragon= DRAG/O*N
source= SORS
mojo= MOE/JO*E
replicated= REP/LA/KA*ITD
peasant= PEFNT
ideas= Y-DZ
arrest= AR
credit card= KRERKD
numbers= NUBS
permission= PERMGS
Uber= AOU/B*ER
fowl= FO*UL
dangerous= DAIJS
upstairs= UPTS
sideways= SDWAIS
teahouse= TAE/HO*US
billion dollars= B-LDZ
wealth= W*ELT
what do you mean= WHAOUM
children= KHIRN
parenthood= PARNT/HAO*D
about him= BHIM
about you= BU
stupid= STAOUPD
business= BIS
idea= Y-D
admit= DMIT
for this= F-RTS
angry= AING
chi= KHAOE
relaxed= RAEKD
perch= PER/*FP
hawk= HAUK
iPod= AOI/PO*D
tournament= TOURNT
Philly= F*IL/YI
bench= BEFP
teammates= TAOEMTS
friendship= FROIP
ego= AOEG
and her= SKPHER
wallets= WLETS
quarter= QAERT
saditty= SA/DIT/YI
what about= WHAB
immunity= KBAOUNT
finance= F-N
campaign= KPAIN
silly= SLI
homicidal= HOM/SAO*ILD
c’est la vie= SAI/LA/VAO*E
high school= HAOL
already= L-RD
perhaps= PRAPS
enjoy= GOI
experience= XERNS
distillery= DIS/TIL/RAO*E
formula= FLA
memories= MEMS
dishwashers= DIRB/WRA*RBS
crazy= KRAEZ
nightclub= NAOIT/KL*UB
Italian= A/TAL/YA*N
gangsters= GANGTS
liquor= LIR
real estate= RAE
Yankee= YA*ING/YI
strength= STRENG
maroon= MRAON
freedom= FRAOEM
Marley= MA*R/LAO*E
destroy= STROI
temptations= TEMGSZ
brimstone= BRIM/STO*EN
tonight= TONT
Colorado= KO*L
California= KA*L
Washington= WARB/WARB
Asian= AIGS
nefarious= NA/RAR/Y*US
abandoned= BAUND
Rucker= RUK/*ER
aura= AU/RA*
fazed= FAEDZ
where he is= WRES
firepower= FAOIR/PO*UR
cultivate= KULT/VA*IT
sunlight= SUNLT
withers= W*IRTS
nursery= NURS/RAO*E
purchase= PR-FP
underneath= NAO*ERT
complaint= KPLAINT
someplace= SPLAIS
notwithstanding= NANG
investigation= VEGS
temporary= TRAER
Priscilla= PRIS/SIL/LA*
champion= KHAON
vigilante= VIJT
leverage= LEFRJ
ultimatum= ULT/MAIT/*UM
restaurant= STRAUNT
this is= TH-S
I don’t care= YOK
robbery= ROIB
Ingrid= IN/GRID
I’m sorry= AOIMS
I’m so sorry= AOIFMS
cleansing= KLENGS
appetite= AP/TAO*IT
moo shu= MAO/SHAO*U
Murdock= MUR/DO*K
sirens= SAOIRNS
towards= TAORDZ
worried= WOIRD
accept= SEP

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