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Oct 17

Rules Of Grammar: Is X-Ray Capitalized?

According to the Medical Library Association Style Manual, the “X” in “X-ray” is capitalized when it is referring to X radiation or X-ray films.

Sep 11

Rules Of Grammar: When To Capitalize “Court” & “Judge”

“Judge” is only capitalized when it is used preceding the name of a judge or when it is used in the context of direct address. EXAMPLES: Did you hear the judge say we can take a recess? May we take a recess, Judge? Did Judge Jones say we can take a recess? The word “court” …

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May 29

Rules Of Grammar: Is “Bluetooth” Capitalized?

According to my research, “Bluetooth” is capitalized. It is a trademark. Answers.com states that the Bluetooth trademark was developed by the company Ericsson. The name Bluetooth is said to be the English translation of the name of a Danish king. Brief: BLAO*T= Bluetooth

Dec 26

Rules Of Grammar: Capitalizing Historical Events

The names of specific historical events, eras, and documents are capitalized. For example: the Civil War, the Renaissance, the Magna Carta.

May 16

Rules of Grammar: Capitalizing Planets and Stars

According to, “Morson’s English Guide for Court Reporters,” the names of planets, stars, and constellations are to be capitalized. Also, “earth” is capitalized when it is mentioned among other planets.