February 17 2013

Practice Video: As A Man Thinketh Part 3

Here are some briefs from the video:
divinity= DWINT
imprison= KBRIS or KBRIF
freedom= FRAOEM
gratified= GRAOIFD
harmonize= HARMZ
nourishing= NOURBS/-G or NOURBG
preserve= PREFRB
conscious= KONS
insufficiency= SNUFZ
deceptive= SDEFPT
victim= VIM
painful= PAIFL or PAIFNL
persistent= PRIFNT
measure= MUR
prosperity= PROFRPT
bankrupt= BRUP
complicated= KPLIKTD
external= XERNL
aspect= SPAEKT
dishonest= SHONS or SDHONS
acquire= QIR
superficial= SFIRBL
virtuous= VIRBS

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January 21 2013

Practice Video: As A Man Thinketh Part 1

Thinking positively is such an important factor to what we do as stenographers. Due to this fact, I think that practicing to material that reinforces positive thinking is very beneficial to us on a variety of levels. Therefore, I will be regularly posting the type of material that will, hopefully, keep our attitudes upbeat, as well as enhance our typing skills.

Love, Speed & Accuracy,

Elsie Villega

Here are some briefs from the video:
volume= VAOUM
exhaustive= XAUFS
suggestive= SUGT
explanatory= SPLANT or SPLARNT
discovery= SKOIFR
perception= SPEFPGS or SPEPGS
virtue= VIRT
encourage= NURJ
garment= GARMT
ignorance= GORNS
happiness= HAEP/-NS
chapter= KHARPT
comprehensive= KPREFNS
spontaneous= SPAINS
premeditated= PRAEMTD or PRAEMD
deliberately= DLIBL or DLIBLT
executed= SKAOUTD
shadow= SHAOD
deviate= DWAIT
deviating- DWAIGT
visible= VIFBL
continued= T-ND
weapons= WEPS
fashion= FAGS
perfection= P-FRGS
descends= SDENDZ
pertaining= PRAING
confidence= K-FS or K-FNS
intelligence= TEJS
agency= AEG
abandoned= BAUND
household= HOUFLD
conscious= KONS
diamonds= DAOIMDZ
obtained= BAIND
investigation= VEGS
understanding= NANGD
wisdom= WIZ
practice= PRA
temple= TEFRPL

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January 5 2013

Practice Video: A Tale Of Two Cities; Book 1, Chapter 1

I like practicing to captioned videos because it makes for a versatile practice due to the fact that I can practice with the sound on or off.

Here are some briefs from the video:
period= PERD
wisdom= WIZ
winter= WIRNT
despair= SDPAIR
heaven= HEFN
insisted= KBIFTD
superlative= SAOURPLT
comparison= KPAIRN
preserve= PREFRB
prophetic= PRO*FKT
herald= HERLD
deficient= DPIRBT
originality= ORJT
congress= KO*NG
British= BRIRB
spiritual= SPIRL
achievement= KHAEFMT
sawn= SAUN
history= HIFT
adjacent= JAEFNT
heavy= HEF
silently= SLENLT
suspicion= SPIGS
justify= JUF
burglary= BLAER
caution= KAUGS
consequence= KWENS
magnificient= NIFNT
creature= KRAOEFPT
majesty= MAJT
contraband= KRAND
midst= M*IDZ
pamphlet= PAFRPLT
warehouse= WROUS
miscellaneous= SLAINS

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January 1 2013

Practive Video: Baseball ABC

This is great moderate lit practice. It is also great for people just starting speed. It incorporates writing letters of the alphabet along with a quick, elementary story about baseball…Fun writing with a bit of a challenge for people at a moderate speed level.

Here are some briefs from the video:
baseball= BAIBL
diamond= DAOIMD
on the ground= OG
cannot= KWOT
at all= TA*UL
must be= MUB
error= ROR

This dictation also contains a good word boundary test for your dictionary. When the story gets to the letter, “u,” and says “for umpire,” you should check to see if a conflict exists in your dictionary.

For me, I had to d-define, “for umpire” because it translated as “forum PAOEUR.”

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September 11 2012

Practice Video: 4-Voice

Here‘s a great video that I practiced to today. I LOVE practicing to these “learn English” videos. In this particular video there are 4 voices. However, the conversation is spoken in 3-voice; a narrator is also present.

While practicing to this video, I used the following designations:

The question bank= Elena
The answer bank= Agatha
SKWRAO= Victor
The Judge (KORT/KORT)= Gabrielle, the narrator

Here are some briefs from some of the terms and phrases spoken in the video:

delicious= DLIRBS
I’m sorry= AOIMS
good night= GAOIT
darling= DARLG
custom= KUFM
especially= EP
somebody else= SBLS
possessive= PEFS
masculine= SKLIN
goodbye= GAOIB
good morning= GORNG
part time= POIM
native= NAIFT
Washington, D.C.= WARBDZ
weekend= WEND
how old= HOLD
thank you= THAUNG
do you remember= DOURM
French= FREFP
in my opinion= NAOIP
relax= RAEK

[SIDEBAR: At approximately the 13 minute 20 second mark, there is practice for the days of the week. At approximately the 14 minute 30 second mark, there is practice for numbers one through twelve.]

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August 27 2012

Practice Video: Basic Conversation

This video is great for practicing speaker designations, especially if you’ve recently advanced from theory. It’s a good video to get you comfortable using Q & A symbols. A third party even interjects a couple of times.

Here are some briefs for some of the words that come up in the video:
graduate= GRAUT
river= RIFR
study= STOI
o’clock= KLK
jump= JUFRP
fiction= F*IBGS
tragedy= TRAJD
adventure= DWUR
comedy= KMAOED
romance= ROE/MANS

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