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Feb 17

Practice Video: As A Man Thinketh Part 3

Here are some briefs from the video: divinity= DWINT imprison= KBRIS or KBRIF freedom= FRAOEM gratified= GRAOIFD harmonize= HARMZ nourishing= NOURBS/-G or NOURBG preserve= PREFRB conscious= KONS insufficiency= SNUFZ deceptive= SDEFPT victim= VIM painful= PAIFL or PAIFNL persistent= PRIFNT measure= MUR prosperity= PROFRPT bankrupt= BRUP complicated= KPLIKTD external= XERNL aspect= SPAEKT dishonest= SHONS or SDHONS …

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Jan 26

Practice Video: As A Man Thinketh Part 2

Here are some briefs from the video: likened= LAOINGD garden= GAERND or GAERN neglected= NEGD abundance= BAUNS therein= THR-N gardener= GRAERN or GRAERND useful= AOUF manifest= MEFT environment= VAOIRMT element= L-MT arrangement= ARMT spiritual= SPIRL length of time= LEFNGT ultimate= ULT suddenly= SULD vicious= VIRBS inclination= KBLINGS

Jan 21

Practice Video: As A Man Thinketh Part 1

Thinking positively is such an important factor to what we do as stenographers. Due to this fact, I think that practicing to material that reinforces positive thinking is very beneficial to us on a variety of levels. Therefore, I will be regularly posting the type of material that will, hopefully, keep our attitudes upbeat, as …

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Jan 05

Practice Video: A Tale Of Two Cities; Book 1, Chapter 1

I like practicing to captioned videos because it makes for a versatile practice due to the fact that I can practice with the sound on or off. Here are some briefs from the video: period= PERD wisdom= WIZ winter= WIRNT despair= SDPAIR heaven= HEFN insisted= KBIFTD superlative= SAOURPLT comparison= KPAIRN preserve= PREFRB prophetic= PRO*FKT herald= …

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Jan 01

Practive Video: Baseball ABC

This is great moderate lit practice. It is also great for people just starting speed. It incorporates writing letters of the alphabet along with a quick, elementary story about baseball…Fun writing with a bit of a challenge for people at a moderate speed level. Here are some briefs from the video: baseball= BAIBL diamond= DAOIMD …

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Sep 11

Practice Video: 4-Voice

Here‘s a great video that I practiced to today. I LOVE practicing to these “learn English” videos. In this particular video there are 4 voices. However, the conversation is spoken in 3-voice; a narrator is also present. While practicing to this video, I used the following designations: The question bank= Elena The answer bank= Agatha …

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Aug 27

Practice Video: Basic Conversation

This video is great for practicing speaker designations, especially if you’ve recently advanced from theory. It’s a good video to get you comfortable using Q & A symbols. A third party even interjects a couple of times. Here are some briefs for some of the words that come up in the video: graduate= GRAUT river= …

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Aug 08

Video: Irregular Verbs

Jul 13

Video: 60 Words With The “uh” Vowel Sound

This video is great for theory students, and for some dictionary building. My brief for umbrella is BREL. I didn’t have the word, “onion” in my dictionary either. I just added it, UN/YON.

Jun 26

Video: The 100 Most Common Words (Audio & Video)

The following video contains the top 100 words used in the English language. The words are given in order from the most used to the least used. It’s great practice because it contains both the audio and the visual. It’s great practice for everyone, but it’s especially great for theory students. Happy practicing, Elsie Villega

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