January 14 2013

Close Captioned Phone Calls

I’m posting this video without endorsing any particular company. I have no experience in directly using this service. However, I think the idea of having captioned phone calls is genius and a great service for those in need of it. This is yet another field that can use the skill of stenographers.

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January 7 2013

Practive Video: Medical Lit

Here are some briefs from the video:
miracle= MIRBLG
digest= DJ
digestive= DFT
excrete= XRAOET
lifetime= LAOIFT
all the= AULT
cycle= SAOIBLG
chemcal= KHEM or KHEM/KAL
and a half= NAF
grocery= GROIR
cereal= KRAOERL
vegetables= VEJS
skeleton= SKENLT
muscle= MUFL
coordinated= KAORNTD
interestingly= TR-LG
passively= PAFL
computer= KPAOURT
energy= N-RJ
organic= GO*RNG
animal= ANL
diversity= DWEFRT
species= SPAOES

Conflcits to be mindful of:
waste= WAEFT
waist= WAIFT

meat= MAET
meet= MAOET

piece= PAOES
peace= PAES

bear= BAER
bare= BAIR

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