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May 21

Theory Thursday: Speaker Designations

When doing Q&A, or in other situations where there may be several different speakers, it is important to have a variety of designations to identify the multiple speakers. Below is a list of steno briefs that can be used to indicate multiple speakers by number. (Remember, most of the time, these speakers will be defined …

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Feb 12

Writing Colloquy For The Witness

How do you write colloquy for the witness on your machine? Here are a couple of suggestions. Lately, I’ve been favoring the second option. Machine Briefs: OPTION #1: THE WITNESS: =WIT/WIT OPTION #2: THE WITNESS: =FRPBLGTS/FRPBLGTS (Answer-bank twice) When D-defining colloquy for the witness, don’t forget to add a space after the colon so the …

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Jul 25

*UPDATED* Colloquy Designations

The traditional way of indicating colloquy between attorneys is STPHAO and SKWRAO. These are the designations that I have been taught in school. STPHAO for the plaintiff’s attorney; SKWRAO for the defendant’s attorney. However, after reading “The Deposition Handbook,” I learned of another way to indicate colloquy between attorneys that I think I will implement …

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