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Apr 23

Case CATalyst: How To D-Define Words That Require Accented Letters

Apr 15

The Importance Of Building Your Dictionary

In this video, CART provider Mirabai Knight, shows the difference of captioning a medical lecture with and without a medical dictionary.

Dec 29

Case CATalyst: Creating User-Defined Fields

Here are some useful shortcuts from the video: F4, F= Centered Paragraph F4, Shift+V= All Caps On F4, Shift, v= All Caps Off

Dec 28

Case CATalyst: Creating An Include File For Parentheticals

Here are some useful shortcuts from the video: Shift+F4= Opens the insert format symbol option box F4, F4= Opens the insert format symbol option box Ctrl+I= Opens the insert a conflict dialog box. [Type: ^ (Space)(Conflict#1)(Space) ^ (Space)(Conflict#2)] F4,O= Surrounds word with scan stop begin and scan stop end format symbols

Dec 11

How To Put Together A Depositon Transcript

I found this great video on You Tube showing how to put together a deposition transcript. This video explains the various parts of a transcript. It also includes great information about the procedures to follow during a deposition.

Oct 25

Case CATalyst: Standard Keyboard vs Command Key Keyboard

Ever wonder why things get crazy when you hit the slash key (above the enter key) when you’re using Case Catalyst? Here’s why:

Jul 27

Video: Case CAT Edit Commands

Here’s a video showing some of the edit features of Case CAT. This video shows how to keep names that begin with the title of Mr., Dr., etc., together with the person’s actual name on the same line of a transcript. The sticky space feature is explained. The video also shows how to create a …

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