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Jul 28

Practice Video: Law Lecture- Introduction & Offer

Here are some briefs from the video: welcome= WEM session= SEGS introduction= TROUGS basic= BAIFK concept= SKEPT contract= KR-T formation= FORMGS invitation= VAOIGS offer= OFR acceptance= SEPZ agreement= GRAOEMT distinguish= DWIRB throughout= THROUT topic= TOPK definition= DFINGS contractual= KR-LT obligation= BLIGS promises= PROMS policy= POIL significant= SIG essential= SERB consensus= SKENS correlation= KORLGS context= KEGT …

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Jun 16

Practice Video: Contract Law

Here’s a video about contract law. This video is especially good practice for students who are practicing at approximately 100-120 WPM. Here are some briefs from the video: in our= NOUR language= LANG contracts= KR-TS negotiation= GOERBGS warranties= WAERNTS exclusion= XLAOUGS vocabulary= VOIB obligations= BLIGS/-S exemptiom= XEMGS fulfill= FFL refuse= RFS each and every= AOEFR