July 28 2014

Practice Video: Law Lecture- Introduction & Offer

Here are some briefs from the video:
welcome= WEM
session= SEGS
introduction= TROUGS
basic= BAIFK
concept= SKEPT
contract= KR-T
formation= FORMGS
invitation= VAOIGS
offer= OFR
acceptance= SEPZ
agreement= GRAOEMT
distinguish= DWIRB
throughout= THROUT
topic= TOPK
definition= DFINGS
contractual= KR-LT
obligation= BLIGS
promises= PROMS
policy= POIL
significant= SIG
essential= SERB
consensus= SKENS
correlation= KORLGS
context= KEGT
proposal= PROEPL
standpoint= STPT
award= WAURD
exploit= XLOIT
distinction= DINGS
academic= DWAKD
bargain= BARNG
communication= KMUNGS
contrast= KRA*S
landlord= LLD
conservative= SKEFRBT
tenants= TANTS
discontinue= ST-N
resolved= ROFLD
segment= SEGT

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