December 23 2013

Medical Monday: Medical Q & A Practice (Light/For Beginners)

I find these learn to speak English videos to be great practice. They are especially helpful for students who are new to speed and new to Q & A.

Here’s a video that involves dialog between a doctor and a patient:

Here are some briefs and phrases from the video:
are you= RU
tell me= TL-M
I have= IF
headache= HAEK
how about= HOUB
cough= KAUF
do you feel= DOUFL
temperature= TEM
worry= WOIR
medicine= MED
I understand= INDZ
thank you= THAUNG

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October 1 2012

Practice Video: Medical Q & A (120)

Here are some briefs from the video:
duly licensed to practice medicine= DLIM
New Jersey= NAOURJ
medical school= MAOL
ophthalmology= OPT/MOLG or MOLG
ophthalmologist= OPT/MOLGT or MOLGT
memorial= MAERL
with reference= WREFRNS
as a result= SRULT
melanoma= MEL/NOE/MA or MEL/A/NOE/MA choroid= KOR/ROID or KHOR/ROID [SIDEBAR: I like to use the brief KHOR/ROID because it doesn’t conflict with “corps reside” like KOR/ROID does.]

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August 15 2012

Video: Light-Medical Q & A (100, 110, 120)

I used this as my warm-up practice today. This is light-medical testimony.

This testimony practice contains the terms: chronic paroxysmal hemicrania and Indocin.

Chronic paroxysmal hemicrania is defined as follows on Wikipedia: “Chronic paroxysmal hemicrania (CPH), also known as Sjaastad syndrome, is a severe debilitating unilateral headache, usually affecting the area around the eye. Unlike migraine it has NO neurological symptoms associated with it. It normally consists of multiple severe yet short headache attacks. These attacks normally will only affect one side of the cranium, hence the term hemicrania. It is more common in females than males. CPH headaches are treated with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, in particular indomethacin, which is usually totally effective in eliminating the symptoms.”

Machine Briefs:
Option #1: chronic paroxysmal hemicrania= KRO*PBG/PROX/*IS/MAL/HEM/YI/KRAIN/YA
Option #2: chronic paroxysmal hemicrania= KRO*PBG/PROX/*IZ/MAL/HEM/YI/KRAIN/YA
Option #3: chronic paroxysmal hemicrania= KRO*PBG/PA/ROX/*IS/MAL/HEM/YI/KRAIN/YA
Option #4: chronic paroxysmal hemicrania= KRO*PBG/PA/ROX/*IZ/MAL/HEM/YI/KRAIN/YA

Indocin is the medication that is used to treat CPH.

Machine Briefs:
Option #1: Indocin= IN/DO/SIN
Option #2: Indocin= IN/DOE/SIN

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