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Mar 24

Rules Of Grammar: Canceled vs. Cancelled vs. Cancellation

Geography seems to determine whether you use “canceled” or “cancelled.” According to Grammar Girl and Grammarist, “canceled” is the spelling that is favored by Americans. “Cancelled” is the spelling that is likely to be utilized in Britain, Canada, and Australia. Both grammar sources point out that the United States has only recently settled on the …

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Feb 11

Rules Of Grammar: The Top 20 Misspelled Words

According to Oxford English Corpus, the following are the top 20 misspelled words: 1) accommodate (two c’s) 2) accommodation (two m’s) 3) achieve (i before e) 4) across (one c) 5) aggressive, aggression (two g’s) 6) apparently (-ent not -ant) 7) argument (no e after the u) 8) appearance (ends with -ance) 9) argument (no …

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