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Apr 30

Theory Thursday: Indefinite Pronouns (Briefs Included)

Indefinite pronouns refer to something that is unspecified. Here’s a list of indefinite pronouns and their machine briefs: anybody= NIB anyone= NIN anything= NIG each= AOEFP either= AO*ERT everybody= EFRB everyone= EFRN everything= EFRG neither= NAOERT nobody= NOB no one= N*ON nothing= NOG one= WUN somebody= S-B someone= SWUN something= S-G several= SEFRL many= MAEN …

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Apr 02

Theory Thursday: Personal Pronouns (Briefs Included)

The function of personal pronouns is to take the place of common and proper nouns. Here’s a list of personal pronouns and their machine briefs: I= EU me= MAOE you= U she= SHAOE her= HER he= E him= HEUPL (HIM) it= T- we= WAOE us= US they= THE them= THEPL (THEM)