April 30 2015

Theory Thursday: Indefinite Pronouns (Briefs Included)

I Love Steno Logo (Cropped)Indefinite pronouns refer to something that is unspecified.

Here’s a list of indefinite pronouns and their machine briefs:
anybody= NIB
anyone= NIN
anything= NIG
each= AOEFP
either= AO*ERT
everybody= EFRB
everyone= EFRN
everything= EFRG
neither= NAOERT
nobody= NOB
no one= N*ON
nothing= NOG
one= WUN
somebody= S-B
someone= SWUN
something= S-G
several= SEFRL
many= MAEN
few= FAOU
both= BO*ET
some= SM-
most= MOFT
none= NON
all= AUL
any= NI

Pronoun Source: English Grammar Revolution

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