January 6 2013

Practice Video: Mock Trial- The State vs. Golden Locks

This is my favorite practice video that I’ve posted so far! The children did a stellar job! I think I want to make an actual transcript for this one. Can you imagine the caption? Lol.

Briefs from the video:
liberty= LIBT
coalition= KOLGS
enjoy= GOI
golden= GOENLD
buglary= BLAER
state of= STAIF
circuit= SIRKT
opening statement= OEPGS
your Honor= URN
ladies and gentlemen of the jury= LAIJS
in this case= NIK
forest= FREFT
graciously= GRAIRBS/LI
manners= MARNS
typical= TOIP
destruction= SDRUBGS
yes I did= YID
I object= IB
I object to= IBT
did you see= SDUZ
cross examine= KR-K
specialty= SPERBT
yes, Your Honor= YURN
state your name= STURN
stipulate= STIP
for the record= FRORD
upstairs= UPTS
move to strike= MOFTS
my name is= MAOINS
academy= DWAD
breakfast= BREFS
birthday= B*IRTD
living room= LIFRM
television= T-FGS
bedroom= BERM
let the record reflect= L-KT
baby= BAEB
thank you= THAUNG
how much= HOUFP
prosecutor= PRR
haircut= HAIRKT
if anything= FAEN
do you mean= DOUM
asleep= SLAEP
sustained= STAEND
where do you live= WROUF
of course= -FX
I believe= AOIBL
not guilty= N-G
beyond a reasonable doubt= Y-RD

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November 27 2012

Practice Audio: Lit and Q & A

This is a great combination lit and Q & A practice. The dialog (Q & A) part of the dictation is repeated twice in the audio. This practice is great for a moderate-lit workout, and a slow Q & A practice. The Q & A part is especially helpful for students who are also working on punctuation.

Here are some briefs and phrases from the video:

movie= MO*EF
champion= KHAON
season= S-N
cell phone= SLOEN or SFOEN
at the end of= TEFN
upset= SPET
football= FAOBL
baseball= BAIBL
restaurant= STRAUNT
especially= EP
United States= *US
negative= NEF
library= LAOIB

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November 1 2012

Practice Video: Q & A (120, 140 and 160)

Below is the same dictation at various speeds for speed building:



Here are some briefs from the video:
would you please= WOUP
buisness address= BAES
subpoena= SPAOEN
any further=NIFRT
transcript= TRIPT
do you have= DOUF
have you ever been= VUFRB
litigation= LIGS
let me ask you= SKLOU
let me ask you this= SKLOUTS
website= WAOIBT
download= DLOAD or DOUNL
full time= FOIM
high school= HAOL
motorcycle= MOIK
part time= POIM

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