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Jan 06

Practice Video: Mock Trial- The State vs. Golden Locks

This is my favorite practice video that I’ve posted so far! The children did a stellar job! I think I want to make an actual transcript for this one. Can you imagine the caption? Lol. Briefs from the video: liberty= LIBT coalition= KOLGS enjoy= GOI golden= GOENLD buglary= BLAER state of= STAIF circuit= SIRKT opening …

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Dec 26

Practice Video: Q & A (100)

Here are some briefs from the video: state your full name for the record, please?= STUFRNDZ arbitration= AERBGS allegation= AELGS calculation= KLAIGS retainer= RE/TAIRN or TRAERN printout= PROUT settlement= ST-MT

Nov 27

Practice Audio: Lit and Q & A

This is a great combination lit and Q & A practice. The dialog (Q & A) part of the dictation is repeated twice in the audio. This practice is great for a moderate-lit workout, and a slow Q & A practice. The Q & A part is especially helpful for students who are also working …

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Nov 01

Practice Video: Q & A (120, 140 and 160)

Below is the same dictation at various speeds for speed building: 120 140 160 Here are some briefs from the video: would you please= WOUP buisness address= BAES subpoena= SPAOEN any further=NIFRT transcript= TRIPT do you have= DOUF have you ever been= VUFRB litigation= LIGS let me ask you= SKLOU let me ask you this= …

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