May 29 2015

How To Connect To Realtime Using iCVNet

I haven’t yet officially chosen a software that I’m going to use to provide realtime. However, I’m doing my research. Below is a video and some notes on the video concerning using iCVNet to create a realtime feed:

How to connect to a court reporter’s realtime event: (1) Connect to the reporter’s Wi-Fi router: (A) Tap the settings icon. (B) Tap the Wi-Fi. Make sure the Wi-Fi is turned on. (C) Under choose a network, choose the reporter’s network. (D) Enter the password provided by the reporter. Then tap join. (2) Connect to the realtime server: (A) Tap the iCVNet icon. (B) Tap connect in the upper left of the iCVNet screen. (C) Tap the court reporter’s CaseViewNet server. Then tap connect and type the password if required. You will now begin receiving the court reporter’s realtime feed.

You can mark/unmark a line of testimony by double-tapping it.

You can search for words, phrases and marked lines.

To begin a search, tap search in the upper right corner.

To search for a marked line, type search. Then tap the spacebar on the screen keyboard. Then tap search/enter on the on-screen keyboard.

To resume following along with the realtime, tap the follow realtime button.

To e-mail a copy of the testimony, the court reporter must allow you the option of saving the testimony. Tap e-mail in the upper-right corner, input the e-mail dress, tap send.

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June 15 2012

Why I Love Misstrokes When Practicing Realtime: Encryption To Criminal Possession

I always practice in realtime. One of the benefits of this is that I sometimes accidentally find briefs that I wasn’t aware of. Although I have read my dictionary like a page-turner, I haven’t yet memorized every brief that it contains. Therefore, being reminded of certain briefs is a bonus to my practice time.

Recently, when I was practicing and had to type the word, “encryption.” I typed: EN/KRIPGS. I then found the KRIPGS was a brief in my dictionary for, “criminal possession.” I’m not the biggest briefer, but I was like this one. I think it may stick since it’s a great combination of my briefs for criminal (KRINL) and possession (PEGS).

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