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May 29

How To Connect To Realtime Using iCVNet

I haven’t yet officially chosen a software that I’m going to use to provide realtime. However, I’m doing my research. Below is a video and some notes on the video concerning using iCVNet to create a realtime feed: How to connect to a court reporter’s realtime event: (1) Connect to the reporter’s Wi-Fi router: (A) …

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Jan 08

A Judge Discusses The Importance Of Having Realtime In The Courtroom

Dec 03

The Court Reporting Profession Explained

Here’s a great video explaining what court reporters do. This is a great video to refer to people who think that court reporters type, or play a “piano machine.” Lol.

Jun 15

Why I Love Misstrokes When Practicing Realtime: Encryption To Criminal Possession

I always practice in realtime. One of the benefits of this is that I sometimes accidentally find briefs that I wasn’t aware of. Although I have read my dictionary like a page-turner, I haven’t yet memorized every brief that it contains. Therefore, being reminded of certain briefs is a bonus to my practice time. Recently, …

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