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Oct 29

Steno Confession: This Show Would Be A Top Choice For Me To Caption…

Man v Food

This show, and almost any other food show, would be right up my alley.

Aug 04

Steno Confession: I Started Watching House M.D. To Practice Medical Terminology, But Now…

House MD

…I’m up on a very late night binge watching the show. Lol. That cynical, snarky, extra-sarcastic Dr. House is too cool! I like the dynamics between the characters too. I’m still on season 1, for now. Love, Speed and Accuracy, Elsie Villega

Feb 24

Steno Confession: I’m An Avid Dictation Collector

Steno Dictation CDs 1

#StenoConfession I love collecting steno dictation to practice to. I’m going to get a large memory hard drive to store my growing collection.