April 23 2015

Theory Thursday: Time

I Love Steno Logo (Cropped)o’clock= KLK
one o’clock= 1K
two o’clock= 2K
three o’clock= 3K
four o’clock= 4K
five o’clock= 5K
six o’clock= K6
seven o’clock= K7
eight o’clock= K8
nine o’clock= K9
ten o’clock= 10K
eleven o’clock= 1/1K
twelve o’clock= 12K

a.m.= AM
p.m.= PM

(NOTE: Your software should be set to automatically add :00 after any digits of 1-12 that you write before writing a.m or p.m.)

(ALSO NOTE: Your software should have a command for a number conversion that will allow numbers to be converted into “clock mode.” In my dictionary, the clock mode designation is KLM, defined as {Number Conversion}[nN:NN] If I write KLM on my machine and then write numbers on my machine following the clock mode stroke, the numbers will convert into a time format that includes a colon (00:00).

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