June 23 2014

I Love Steno: The Tour- The Gallery Of Shorthand

Last week, I had the pleasure of visiting The Gallery of Shorthand. The gallery is located at the Federal Courthouse in Central Islip, Long Island (New York) (Eastern District).
Federal Courthouse (Central Islip)
The Gallery Of Shorthand (Full Shot)

The gallery exhibit is a comprehensive timeline of recorded words. It is organized in epochs, starting with the first epoch that depicts the ancient scribes of Egypt.
Epoch 1
The timeline ends with Epoch X, modern day CART and closed-captioning.

There is a very cool display of the various steno machines that have been invented throughout time. Amongst the machines are steno notes (on paper), and a variety of stenography educational tools (past and present).
Steno Maxhines At The Gallery Of Shorthand

The Gallery of Shorthand also displays speed contest medals.
Speed Contest (The Gallery Of Shorthand)

There is also a section of the gallery dedicated to “Legends of Shorthand.”
Legends Of Shorthand

I loved perusing all of the exhibits at The Gallery of Shorthand! I look forward to visiting the gallery again. Kudos to the gallery’s owner and director, Dominick M. Tursi.

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