September 18 2014

Practice Video: Psychology Lecture (Introduction)

Here are some briefs and phrases from the video:
fellow= FLEL
website= WAOIT
assignment= SOIMT
orient= OERNT
and I want= SKPIPT
to give= TOFG
evaluation= VAELGS
filmed= FIMD
resource= SRORS
details= SDAILS
videos= VAOS
internet= SBET
access= SKES
domination= DOMGS
fugitive= FAOUFGT
psychology= SKOLG
comprehensive= KPREFNS
animal= ANL
memories= MEMS
research= REFP
online= AONL
substitute= STUT
last time= LAFMT
semester= SMEFRT
exam= XAM
review= RAOUF
assign= SOIN
motivate= MOEFT
psychological= SKLL
in fact= NFT
anonymous= NOUMS
e-mail= AOEM
formal= FOM
motivation= MOEFGS
crazy= KRAEZ
scientific= SAOIFKT
therapy= THAOERP or THAERP
cognitive= KOFNGT
clinical= KLINL
aspect= SPAEKT
economics= KMIKS
at this point= THIPT
coma= KMA
English= GLIRB
physical= FIS
language= LANG
components= KPOENTS
continuity= T*NT
he or she= HAOERZ
intelligence= TEJS
aggressive= GRAEFS
summarized= SMAIRDZ
controversy= TROEFZ
attractive= TR-FK
devote= DWOET
notorious= NOERBS
bottom= BOT
technical= TEBLG
pronounce= PROUNS
predicted= PRIKTD
disorders= DORDZ
depression= DPREGS
anxiety= ANGT
explosion= SKPLOEGS
something else= S-LGS
faithful= FAIF
multiple= MUPLT
debate= DB-T
syndrome= SDROEM
delusion= DLAOUGS
idea= Y-D
you believe= UBL
gruesome= GRAOUFM
abnormal= BORL
expert= SPERT
fortunately= FORNLT
amazing= MAEGS
college= KLEJ
mysteries= STRAOES

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