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Sep 18

Practice Video: Psychology Lecture (Introduction)

Here are some briefs and phrases from the video: fellow= FLEL website= WAOIT assignment= SOIMT orient= OERNT and I want= SKPIPT to give= TOFG evaluation= VAELGS filmed= FIMD resource= SRORS details= SDAILS videos= VAOS internet= SBET access= SKES domination= DOMGS fugitive= FAOUFGT psychology= SKOLG comprehensive= KPREFNS animal= ANL memories= MEMS research= REFP online= AONL substitute= …

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Mar 09

Practice Video: Indian Institute Of Technology Lecture On Highway Capacity And Level Of Service

Here is a lecture given by a college professor from the Indian Institute of Technology about highway capacity and level of service. If you live in a city that is a melting pot like I do, it is wise to continue to become well acquainted with the various accents that you will be hearing throughout …

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