March 12 2015

Theory Thursday: Stitching

I Love Steno Logo (Cropped)Stitching is used in steno to indicate that a speaker is spelling something out. For example, “Her name was Linda Straight, S-T-R-A-I-G-H-T.”

Machine Briefs:
{Glue}-A= ARBGS
{Glue}-B= PWRBGS
{Glue}-C= KRRBGS
{Glue}-D= TKRBGS
{Glue}-E= ERBGS
{Glue}-F= TPRBGS
{Glue}-H= HRBGS
{Glue}-I= EURBGS
{Glue}-K= KRBGS
{Glue}-L= HRRBGS
{Glue}-M= PHRBGS
{Glue}-O= ORBGS
{Glue}-P= PRBGS
{Glue}-Q= KWRBGS
{Glue}-R= RRBGS
{Glue}-S= SRBGS
{Glue}-T= TRBGS
{Glue}-U= URBGS
{Glue}-V= SRRBGS
{Glue}-W= WRBGS
{Glue}-X= XPRBGS
{Glue}-Z= S*RBGS

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Posted March 12, 2015 by Elsie Villega in category "Briefs", "Theory


  1. By Toni on

    Hi Elsie,
    I’m having a little trouble with the stitching. In other words, the first letter of the name and the last have to be a different designated alphabet?


    1. By Elsie (Post author) on

      Hi Toni,

      I hope all is well.

      Stitching is used to show that the speaker has spelled something out.

      For example, during a deposition someone may spell out their name, address, a specific medical procedure, or any variety of things.

      To show that some one has spelled something out, use stitching- which is capital letters separated by dashes.

      In my steno theory, stitching is done by simultaneously writing the letter on the left-hand side of the machine while writing RBGS on the right-hand side of the machine.

      Here’s an example: If I were to say verbatim: “Hi. My name is Elsie. That’s E-L-S-I-E.” I have just spelled out my name for you letter-by-letter. On your machine, you would write: ERBGS/HRRBGS/SRBGS/EURBGS/ERBGS. This would translate as: E-L-S-I-E. The reader would be able to tell by the capital letters separated by dashes that that is a word the speaker spelled out.

      I hope that answered your question. If not, let me know so I can try to clarify it.

      Best Wishes,



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