December 1 2016

Theory Thursday: Suffix Briefs Part 7

I Love Steno The Student Edition (Cropped)
The following are briefs for suffixes: (Note: When d-defining, don’t forget to define the briefs with the format symbol for suffixes.)

{Suffix}gate= GA*IT
{Suffix}gation= GA*IGS
{Suffix}ge= *J
{Suffix}ger= JE*R
{Suffix}gram= GRA*M or GR-M
{Suffix}gram= GRA*MS or GR-MS
{Suffix}graph= GR-F or GRA*F
{Suffix}graphs= GR-FS or GRA*FS
{Suffix}grapher= GR-FR or GRA*FR
{Suffix}grapher= GR-FRS or GRA*FRS
{Suffix}graphy= GRA*EF

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Posted December 1, 2016 by Elsie Villega in category "Briefs", "Theory

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