December 14 2016

Briefs, Phrases, and Legal Terminology From Boston Legal Season 1, Episode 1


I’m sorry= AOIMS
territorial= TERLT
I know= AO*IN
Chicago= KHI/KHI
what about= WHAB
good morning= GORNG
I’m sure= AOIMZ
is a= SA
urgent= URGT
discovery= SKOIFR
Monday= MOND
contact= KAKT
worry= WOIR
relax= RAEK
Boston= BOFNT
office= OFS
I need= IFRN
discrimination= SKRIMGS
prejudice= PREJ
justice= JUS
attorneys= TOERNS
precedent= PR-NT
practice= PRA
dramatic= DRAUMT
husband= HUS
cell phone= SLOEN
negotiating= GOERBGT
diversity= DWERTS
leverage= LEFRJ
medical school= MAOL
beautiful= BAOUF
uniforms= UFRMS
residency= REZ
New York City= NORKS
hearing= HAERG
withdrawal= WRAUL
conflict- KIKT
opinion= P-N
letter= LERT
counsel= KOUN
partner= PARN
persuasive= PRAEFS
legal= LAOELG
sexual harassment= SWARMT
prosecuting= PR-G
offense= OFNS
profiling= PROILG
facilitate= FAFLT
customer= KMER
observation= OFRX
suspect= SP-T
derive= DRAOIF
little bit= BLIT
fungible= FUJ/-BL
identity= AOID
crisis= KRAOIZ
category= KAGT
would I be= WOIB
court= KORT
argue= GAOU
specific performance= SPEFK/P-FNS
holiday= HOILD
weekends= WENDZ
custody= KUD
enroll= KBROL
program= PRAM
outrageous= TRAIJS
lifetime= LAOIFT
English= GLIRB
firm= FIRM
ego= AOEG
trophy= TROEF
affirmation= AFRMGS
guardian ad litem= GLAOIMT
dismantle= SDMANLT
primary= PROIRM
accordingly= KWORLG
discretion= SKREGS
protection= PROEX
clause= KLAUS
amendment= AEMD
civil rights= SIFLTS
violation= VAOILGS
equality= KWAELT
weapon= WEP
weapons= WEPS
relevant= RAEFLT
do I= DOI
happy= HAEP
disturb= DURB
tawdry= TAUD/R*I or TAUD/RAO*E
proclivity= PROE/KL*IFT
pistol= STOL
controversy= TROEFZ
hearsay= HAOERS

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