February 6 2017

Briefs, Phrases, and Legal Terminology From Boston Legal Season 1, Episode 4


at this time= TIT
discharge= DARJ
vested= VEFTD
confess= FES
confessed= FEFD
confessing= FEFG
murder= MURD
criminal= KRINL
she goes= SHEGS
represent= REP
company= K-P
assistance= SIFNS
ordinarily= O*ERLD
convicted= VIKTS
crime= KRAOIM
violates= VAOILTS
morals= MO*RLS
clause= KLAUS
contract= KR-T
exhausted= XAUFTD
conventional= KWENLGS
I don’t care= YOK
practice= PRA
gun= G-N
panic= PA*NG
life= LAOIF
sentence= SNENS
trigger= TRIRG
security= SKAOURT
officer= OIFR
defendant= D-FT
rules of= RAOUFLS
beautiful= BAOUF
allergic= LERJ
unfortunately= UFRNLT
reliable= RAOIBL
consistent= KAONT
with the= W-T
justice= JUS
widow= DWO
humanize= HAOUMZ
plea= PLAOE
strategic= STRAOEJ
doctor= DR-
undercover= NOFR
chief= KHAOEF
witness= W-NS
prosecution= PR-GS
first time= FIRMT
center= STR-
nervous= NEFS
weapon= WEP
office= OFS
gentleman= JA
precisely= PRAOIFL
information= N-FGS
dizziness= DOINS
confusion= KWAOUGS
courthouse= KHOUS
malpractice= M-P
inferiority= FAORT
complex= KPLEX
pity= POIT
anxiety= ANGT
cross examine= KR-K
nuance= NAOUNS
shadow= SHAOD
do you really= DO*URL
I do not want= YO*PT
associates= SOERBTS
religious= R-JS
positive= POF
police officer= PLOIFR
disciplined= SPLIND
privileges= PRIFS
suspended= SWEND
neurology= NAOURLG
trauma= TRAUM
extensive= STEFNS
delusional= DLAOULGS
suffer= SUFR
medical certainty= *MS
conceivable= SKAOEFBL
objection= OX
sustained= STAEND
police= PLIS
testify= TEF
regulations= RELGSZ
defense= D-FNS
allegiance= LAOEJS
brilliant= BRIL
reconcile= SKAOIL
do you care= DOUK
do you like= DOUBLG
pretending= PRENGD
license plate= LNLT
in the hospital= NOPT
conviction= VIX
lawyer= LAUR
coerced= KOERS/-D
for example,= FOERX
you could= UKD
have a= VA
clergy= KLERJ
arrest= AR-
investigate= VEGT
evidence= AEFD
forensics= FRENSZ
evidently= AEFLT
intimidation= SBIMGS
integrity= SBEGT
foreperson= FOERP
unanimous= NANS
verdict= VERD
first-degree murder= F-MD
members of the jury= MEJS
deputy= DPAOUT
retained= TRAEND
schedule= SKELD
adjourned= JAURND
appeal= AEP
transcript= TRIPT
honorable= HONL
closing= KLOEGS
alcohol= KHOL
device= DWAOIS
pattern= PAERN
forward= FAORD

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