March 13 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Jessica Jones- Season 2, Episode 2

Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 2whiskey= WHIS/KAO*E
wheelchair= WHAOERK
minyan= MIN/YA*N
one of them= WUFMT
police report= PLORP
voicemail= VOIFM
Greenpoint= GRAOEN/PO*INT
Brooklyn= BLIN
tonight= TONT
to remember= TORM
trash= TRARB
until= N-L
with a= WA
better= BERT
she just= SHEJT
worried= WOIRD
if you want= FUPT
it can= T-K
good night= GAOIT
did you say= SDUS
you just= UJT
lease= LAOES
building= BL-G
clinic= KLIN
Trish= TRIRB
file= FAOIL
address= DRAES
we’ll= WAO*EL
trouble= TRUBL
addict= DIKT
text= TEGT
complaints= KLPAINTS
are you= RU
sorry= SOR
patient= PAIRBT
grateful= GRAEF
will be= L-B
okay= OK
did he= SDE
ask= SK-
going= G-G
forward= FAORD
freak= FRAOEK
accident= SD-
normal= NOL
person= PERN
tissue= TIRB
before= B-F
unit= AOUNT
afterwards= AFRDZ
colonel= KOL
patriot= PROIT
too much= TAOFP
caffeine= KAFN
riot= ROIT
python= PAOI/THO*N
adorable= DORBL
couple= KUPL
gorgeous= GORJS
treat= TRAOET
actually= TWAEL
hi= HI
daughter= DAUR
what about= WHAB
French= FREFP
film= FIM
and I think= SKPING
apartment= PARMT
drooling= DRAOLG
appreciating= PRAOERBGT
next= NEGT
level= LEFL
I didn’t= YI
current= KURNT
phone number= FUB
Maximilian= MAX/A/MIL/YO*N
assume= SAOUM
clients= KLAOINTS
segment= SEGT
radio= RAO
hospital= HOPT
business= BIS
and all= SKPAUL
major= MAIJ
donor= DPHOR
metro= MROET
general= JEN
access= SKES
confidential= K-FL
information= N-FGS
desperation= DPRAIGS
desperate= DPRAT
fad= FAD
fade= FAID
princess= PRIN/S*ES
Griffin= GR*IFN
supports= SPORS
story= STOER
mushy= MURB/YI
mouth= MO*UT
without= WOUT
rely= RAOI
bloody= BLOID
Mary= MA*ER
extra= XRA
strong= STRONG
all right= L-RT
do you mind= DOUMD
straying= STRAIG
path= PA*T
wolves= WOFLS
bears= BAERS
ants= ANTS
flexible= FLEBL
metaphor= MET/F*OR
hear= HAER
cop= KOP
party= PAERT
yeah= YAI
Simpson= SIFRP/SO*N
you were= URP
I can’t believe= YABL
give me= GIFM
experiment= XERMT
agree= GRAOE
beasties= BAOEFT/YIS
animal= ANL
wasn’t= WAENT
traitor= TRAIRT
amped= AFRPD
alive= LOIF
rehab= RAB
disappears= SPAERS
tortured= TAOURTD
defenseless= D-FNS/-LS
sicko= SIK/O*E
sadist= SAID/IFT
touch= TOUFP
doesn’t= DOENT
goodbye= GAOIB
mother= MOER
what is= WHAS
connection= KEX
never= NEFR
Jessica= JES/KA*
Jones= JOENS
I don’t remember= YORM
detective= DEFKT
help= HEP
Sunday= SUND
occurred= KURD
last night= LAFNT
Robert= ROBT
Coleman= KOEL/MA*N
hire= HIR
corner= KRORN
from you= FRU
I had= ID
to do= TAOD
claiming= KLAIMG
evidence= AEFD
suggests= SUGZ
assaulted= SAULTD
probation= PRAX
anger= ANG
management= M-GT
do you mind= DOUMD
Oscar= OS/KA*R
superintendent= SPR-NT
incident= DIN
boy= BOI
what about= WHAB
did you see= SDUZ
ma’am= MAM
perhaps= PRAPS
mistaken= MAENG
I didn’t see= YIZ
bothered= BOERD
station= STAIGS
becomes= B-KS
hello= HO*EL
Malcolm= MAL/KO*M
investigation= VEGS
I didn’t know= YIN
who else= WHOELS
regale= RAOE/GA*IL
mongoose= MON/GAO*S
to us= TOUS
respond= SPON
how much= HOUFP
I have= IF
birthday= B*IRTD
roof= RAOF
pool= PAOL
in the hospital= NOPT
mental= MENL
we have= WEF
to tell= TOLT
too late= TAOLT
inside= N-DZ
New Orleans= NU/ORNLS
reverend= REFRND
disguise= SGAOIZ
Gene= GAO*EN
nothing= NOG
lost= LO*S
wishing= WIRBG
when the= WH-T
morning= MORNG
realized= RAELDZ
what I had= WHAID
you got= *UGT
baby= BAEB
bump= BUFRP
do you believe= DOUBL
karma= KAR/MA*
what do you think= WHAOUNG
really= R-L
production= PROUX
assistant= SIFNT
movie= MO*EF
ignored= GORD
pretty= PRIT
much= -FP
video= VAO
camera= KMRA
today= TOD
self-restraint= SEF/STRAENT
physically= F*IFL
dangerous= DAIJS
reassuring= RAOE/SHURG
gangster= GARNGT
Tricia= TRIRB/A*
happy= HAEP
surprise= SPRAOIS
private= PRAOIFT
trailer= TRAIRL
do you feel= DOUFL
do you know= DAOUN
involved= VOFD
ugly= OIG
fridge= FRIJ
masculinity= SKLINT
custody= KUD
battle= BALT
trouble= TRUBL
problem= BLEM
away= WA*I
illness= INLS
who was= WHOFS
alien= AIL/Y*EN
conspiracy= SPIRZ
comic= KM*IC
international= SBAL
what you said= WHAUDZ
accepting= SEPG
also= L-S
message= MEFJ
sorry= SOR
little= LIL
vodka= VOD/KA*
diet= DAO*IT
fantastic= FAN/TA*FKT
borrow= BROE
clout= KLOUT
woman= WOM
medical record= MORD
during that time= DRAT
cancer= KAERN
ratings= RAIGTS
public= PUN
what happened= WHAPD
forty= FOURT
fifteen= FAOEN
pimped= PIFRPD
crappy= KRAP/YI
you wanted= UPTD
more than= MORN
twisted= TWIFTD
memory= MEM
lane= LAEN
blackmail= BLAK/MA*IL
radio= RAO
personality= PERNLT
resort= REFRT
dirty= DOIRT
pretend= PREND
security= SKAOURT
difference= DIFRNS
exactly= XL-KT
utterly= UT/*ERL
ordinary= OERD
have you= VU
brunch= BRUFP
Dorothy= DO*RT/YI
I didn’t know= YIN
have you been= VUB
research= REFP
figure= FIG
where the= WH-T
encouraged= NURJD
practically= PRAEL
medication= MEGS
instincts= KBINGTS
first thing= FIRG
toxic= TOX
waste= WAEFT
present= PRENT
wallet= WLET
I don’t want= YOPT
nose= NOEZ
relationship= ROIP
listen= L-N
did she= SDHAOE
Tatum= TAIT/*UM
contact= KAKT
directing= DREKT/-G
pizza= PIZ
kind of= KAOIF
office= OFS
do you want= DOUPT
tomorrow= TOM
today= TOD
haven’t= V-NT
with you= WU
you were= URP
plastered= PLAFRTD
starving= STAFRBG
we’re= W*ER
is this= STH-
control= KROEL
following= FOL
you should= URBD
shooting= SHAOGT
herself= HERZ
Kozlov= KOZ/LO*F
bullet= BULT
performance= P-FNS
enhancer= KBHARNS
apparently= PAERNLT
Isaiah= AOI/SA*I/A*
no idea= NY-D
someone else= SWUNLS
whoever= WHOFR
issue= IRB
atrocities= A/TROFTS
committed= KMITD
in my= NAOI
for the first time= F-FRT
monster= MOFRNT

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