March 21 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Jessica Jones- Season 2, Episode 3

Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 3
Alfredo= AL/FRAID/O*E
Marilyn= MA/RA/L*In
Cambodia= KAM/BOED/YA*
Greenwich= GREN/*IFP
empanadas= EM/PA/NA/DA*S
groceries= GROIRS
Leslie= LES/LI
Malbec= MAL/B*EK
Hansen= HAN/S*EN
Griffin= GR*IFN
Eugene= AOU/GAO*EN
medical school= MAOL
discretion= SKREGS
Chinese= KHAOINZ
devoid= DWOID
siphoned= SAOIFND
legitimate= JIT
passport= PAFRPT
felony= FLOIN
forgery= FOERJ
Franklin= FRA*ING/LIN
Damascus= DA/MAS/K*US
do you think= DOUNG
I didn’t mean= YIM
would remember= WORM
food= FAOD
pieces= PAOESZ
piece= PAOES
peace= PAES
idiot= ID/YO*T
drumroll= DRUM/RO*L
superintendent= SPR-NT
cruiser= KRAOURZ
visit= VIFT
nineties= NAOINTS
doctor= DR-
inexperienced= IN/XERNS/-D
radio= RAO
all this= AULTS
addiction= DIX
protection= PROEX
decedent= SDAOENT
New York City= NORKS
reputation= R-PGS
slumlord= SLUM/LO*RD
complaint= KPLAINT
hello= HO*EL
legal= LAOEL
sentimental= SENT/M*ENL
elevator= L-FRT
basement= BAIFMT
nephew= NEF/AO*U
herself= HERZ
neighbors= NAEBS
evict= EFKT
eviction= EFGS
how should= HOURBD
I know= AOIN
Malcolm= MAL/KO*M
evidence= AEFD
illegal= ILG
video= VAO
human= HAOUM
experimentation= XERMGS
market= MARKT
do you think= DOUNG
discuss= SKUS
settle= SELT
unfortunately= UFRNLT
alias= AILZ
investigation= VEGS
reasonable= R-NL
stellar= SYTEL/*AR
obviously= OEFLS
trek= TREK
biased= BAOIDZ
at least= TLAOEFT
bucket= BUKT
minute= MIN
executive= SKAOUFT
chef= SHEF
lifestyle= LAOIFLT
dismemberment= DIZ/MEB/-MT
orchard= OR/KHA*RD
trickiest= TRIK/YEFT
contract= KR-T
contractual= KR-LT
unidentified= UN/AOIFD
crispy= KRIFP/YI
do you= DOU
critic= KRIT
objectify= OB/FAO*I
objectification= OB/FA*IGS
boy= BOI
heavy= HEF
month= MO
school= SKAOL
downstairs= DOUNTS
do you have= DOUF
America= MERK
glued= GLAOUD
magnet= MANGT
bedtime= BED/TAO*IM
phone call= FOENG
parole= PROEL
liquor= LIR
agreed= GRAOED
rephrase= RAOEFRZ
spine= SPAOIN
ear= AOER
and you were= SKPURP
orphan= OFRN
candidate= KAND
torture= TAPURT
publicist= PUFBT
cloak= KLOEK
sexist= SEX/IFT
assignment= SOIMT
you said= UDZ
unstable= UN/STAIBL
worried= WOIRD
last night= LAFNT
could be= KOB
journalist= JURNLT
vapid= VAP/*ID or VA*PD
tabloid= TAB/LO*ID
it has= T-BS
how about= HOUB
proposal= PROEPL
discriminate= SDRIMT
let me= LEM
invoke= KBOEK
cramp= KRAFRP
ironic= AO*IRNG
humor= HAOURM
island= AOILD
rum= RUM
contemplate= KPLAIT
future= FAOURT
estranged= ES/STRAINGD
respect= R-PT
colleagues= KLAOEGS
can I have= KIF
breath= BR*ET
mouth= MO*UT
nose= NOEZ
alcohol= KHOL
survived= SWAOIFD
involve= VOF
options= OPGSZ
memories= MEMS
defense= D-FNS
arsenal= ARS/NA*L
neurodegenerative= NAOUR/D-FNGT
genetic= JENGT
editing= Y*IGT
technology= T-J
ungrateful= UN/GRAEF
miracle= MIRBLG
reason= R-N
stars= STARS
paparazzi= POP/RAZ/YI
freedom= FRAOEM
pigeon= PIJ/O*N
bigoted= BIGTD
pillow= PIL/O*E
resist= RAOEFT
investment= VEFMT
achieve= KHAEF
shrink= SR*ING
landlord= L-LD
expand= XAND
tenants= TANTS
exhale= XHAIL
imagine= MAJ
resume= RAOUM
peaceful= PAEF
lenses= LENSZ
calming= KAUMG
picture= PIR
legacy= LEGZ
stretch= STREFP
heinous= HAIN/*US
beach= BAEFP
questions= QES
relax= RAEK
creature= KRAOEFPT
meat= MAET
invented= KB-FNTD
innovative= NAOEFT/*IF
willing= L-G
penny= PEN/YI
to remember= TORM
trauma= TRAUM
blows= BLOS
station= STAIGS
abide= BOID
relationships= ROIPS
conference= K-FRNS
transfer= TR-FR
herself= HERZ
prejudice= PREJ
limit= LIMT
partners= PARNS
medical= MEL
disclosure= SKLAOUR
clause= KLAUS
performance= P-FNS
thirty= THIRT
generous= JERNS
package= PAJ
morality= MO*RLT
update= PAIT
no matter= NORMT
liability= LAOIBLT
backup= BUP
fiduciary= FAOURB
dangerous= DAIJS
duty= DAOUT
to be= TOB
negotiate= GOERBT
steel= STAOEL
severance= SWEFRNS
medicine= MED
commercial= KMERBL
residential= REFNLT
email= AOEM
fax= FAX
zone= SO*EN
property= PRORT
super= SAOURP
handle= HANL
fist= FIFT

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