March 28 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Jessica Jones- Season 2, Episode 4

Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 4palliative= PAL/T*IV
medical school= MAOL
alienate= YENLT
delinquent= DLINT
summer= SMER
destiny= SDAEN
abducted= DAUKD
chocolate= KHOKT
dozen= DOZ
Broadway= BROI
New York City= NORKS
humid= HAOUMD
little= LIL
usual= AOURB
scratch= SKAFP
as I was= SIFS
blouse= BLOUS
blood= BLAOD
blurry= BLUR/YI
punching= PUFPG
and over= SKPOEFR
fifteen= FAOEN
benign= BA/NAO*IN
external= XERNL
action= -X
soothe= SAO*T
strife= STRAOIF
Gary= GA*ER
meth= M*ET
brother= BROER
worst= WO*RS
they go= THEG
stepmom= STEP/MO*M
violent= V-LT
control= KROEL
family= FAEM
car accident= KARX
someone= SWUN
horrific= HOFRK
experiments= XERMTS
maniac= MA*ING
reason= R-N
sorry= SOR
anger= ANG
management= M-BT
support= SPOR
can I recall= KIRL
seriously= SAOERLZ
shoulder= SHOURLD
Kabul= KA/B*UL
stare= STAER
to you= TOU
Malcolm= MAL/KO*M
how long= HOUNG
have you been= VUB
at you= TU
dumping= DUFRPG
human= HAOUM
city= STI
wigs= WIGS
better= BERT
text= TEGT
address= DRAES
what do you want= WHAOUPT
can I see= KIZ
busy= B-Z
superhero= SPR-/HOER
bulletproof= BLAOF
this is= TH-S
exactly= XL-KT
type of= TAOIFP
with you= WU
superpower= SPR-/POUR
married= MAERD
somebody= S-B
pregnant= PREG
alternative= NAEFT
insanity= SNAINT
package= PAJ
listen= L-N
report= RORP
news= NUS
Griffin= GR*IFN
Sinclair= SIN/KLA*IR
girlfriend= GOIF
Evan= EFN
gate= GAET
imbecile= KB/BA/S*IL
wasted= WAEFTD
lawsuit= LAUT
consulting= SKULGT
confident= K-FNT
agree= GRAOE
hiring= HIRG
compete= KPAOET
aberration= AB/RA*IGS
less than= LAEFN
fallout= FAUL/O*UT
cede= SAO*ED
refund= REFND
retainer= TRAERN
good luck= GLUK
privacy= PRAOIFZ
mother= MOER
bench= BEFP
safety= SAIFT
first= FIRS
hello= HO*EL
customers= KMERZ
wow= WO*U
ghost= GHOEFT
showbiz= SHOE/B*IZ
Sal= SA*L/SA*L
Sally= SAL/YI
destroyed= STROID
entitled= SBAOILTD
bratty= BRAT/YI
rehab= RAB
woman= WOM
synthetic= STHEK
alone= LAON
cash= KARB
chemo= KMOE
cancer= KAERN
I imagine= IJ
business= BIS
killer= K*IRL
metro= MROET
medical bills= M-BLS
hospital records= HORDZ
public= PUB
forty= FOURT
thirty= THIRT
promise= PROM
security= SKAOURT
bluff= BLUF
leverage= LEFRJ
idea= Y-D
probation= PRAIX
Trish= TRIRB
Walker= WA*URK
Tatum= TAIT/*UM
movie= MO*EF
age= AIJ
carpenter= KRARPT
Jessica= JES/KA*
suggest= SUG
recovering= ROFRG
addicts= DIKTS
goodbye= GAOIB
Jones= JOEnS
maybe= MAEB
hero= HOER
dirty= DOIRT
altruism= AL/TRAOUFM
bunch= BUFP
humanity= HAOUMT
father= FA*ER
latest= LAIFT
article= ARL
in return= NRURN
intel= SBEL
homework= HOERK
level= LEFL
proud= PRO*UD
there you go= THRUG
I don’t care= YOK
agent= AGT
plane= PLAEN
deadline= DLAOIN
video= VAO
thousands= THOUS
dollars= DLARS
max= MA*X
nauseating= NAURBGT
boyfriend= BOIF
letters= LERTS
repeat= RAOEPT
confidential= K-FLT
angry= AING
children= KHIRN
nonetheless= NONLS
expense= XENS
accounts= K-TS
partners= PARNS
stupid= STAOUPD
mistakes= MAEKS
safari= SA/FAR/YI
company= K-P
tickets= TIKTS
pro bono= PROE/BOE/NO*E
corporate= KORPT
generosity= JEN/RO*FT
eviction= EFGS
notice= N-TS
weird= WERD
parade= PRA*ED
insurance= SNAOURNS
underestimate= UND/STIMT
special= SPERB
dissertation= DIS/TA*IGS
narcissim= NARS/S*IFM
therapized= THAERPDZ
problem= BLEM
prison= PRIS
months= MOS
ago= AG
radar= RAIRD
focus= FOEKS
custody= KUD
lawyer= LAUR
forgery= FOERJ
actually= TWAEL
ashamed= SHAEMD
Oscar= OS/KA*R
definitely= DAFL
unusual= NAOURB
misanthrope= MIZ/A*N/THRO*P
whoa= WHAO
half an hour= HAUR
whiplash= WLARB
adults= DULTS
normal= NOL
annoying= NOIG
percent= PERS
Marissa= MA/RIS/SA*
Maria= MA/RAOE/A*
Macey= MAIS/YI
meds= M^EDZ
options= OPGS
studies= STOIS
timetable= TAOIM/TA*IBL
decades= DAEDZ
regulations= RELGSZ
Europe= AOURP
painless= PAINLS
guaranteed= GAURNTD
coward= KOURD
drooled= DRAOLD
hideous= HID/Y*US
horrible= HORBL
value= VAL
inside= N-FDZ
and I will= SKPIL
alley= LAEL
dealer= DLER
Amsterdam= AM/STER/DA*M
useless= AOUFLS
messenger= MEFRJ
in person= KBERN
emergency= M-J
applicable= PLIBL
misdemeanor= M-M
citations= KRAOIGSZ
panhandle= PAN/HA*NL
condemned= KEMD
hobo= HOE/BO*E
Inez= AOE/N*EZ
modified= MOIFD
zap= SA*P
taser= TAIRZ
blond+ BLOND
brunette= BRAOUNT
padlock= PAD/LO*K
hospital= HOPT
flush= FLURB
bottom= BOT
stairs= STAIRS
apartment= PARMT
investigate= VEGT
booze= BAOZ
patient= PAIRBT
cabinet= KBINT
twisted= TWIFTD
standards= ST-DZ
Nick= N*IK
target= TARGT
in the= N-T
on the ground= OG
Nicholas= NIK/LA*S
Spence= SP*ENS
silent= SLENT
attorney= TOERN
appointed= POIND

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