April 1 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Jessica Jones- Season 2, Episode 5

Jessica Jones Season 2 Episode 5
aquarium= KWAIRM
apartment= PARMT
alibi= AEB
sloppy= SLOIP
hypothetical= H*PT
emotion= MAOEGS
common= KMON
external= XERNL
internal= SBERNL
cell= KREL
statement= STAIMT
proof= PRAOF
they believe= THEBL
that you know= THAUN
professional= PROEFL
discretion= SDREFGS
obstruction= BRUX
justice= JUS
poodle= PAO*LD
probation= PRAIX
violation= VAOILGS
eighteen= AEN
lump= LUFRP
maniac= MA*ING
unsolved= UN/SO*FLD
concern= KERN
at the= TE-
alienate= YENLT
career= KRAOER
computer= KPAOURT
gun= G-N
itchy= IFP/YI
fingers= FIRNGS
former= FRORM
employers= PLOIRS
suddenly= SULD
alias= AILZ
Sophie= SOEF/YI
monster= MOFRNT
practicing= PRAG
would you mind= WOUMD
I can’t remember the= YARMT
last time= LAFMT
animals= ANLS
Marcus= MAR/K*US
sorry= SOR
crashing= KRARBG
practice= PRA
terrible= TERBL
today= TOD
legal= LAOEL
advice= VIS
this morning= THORNG
too late= TAOLT
comfortable= K-FRBL
beetle= BAOELT
slaughter= SLAURT
lawyer= LAUR
Nick= N*IK
abilities= ABLTS
patients= PAIRBTS
program= PRAM
genetic= JENGT
editing= Y*IGT
there were= THR-RP
side effects= SFEKTS
enhanced= KBANS/-D
person= PERN
beginning= GING
quiet= QAET
alive= LOIF
online= AONL
bathtub= BA*T/T*UB
murder= MURD
process= PROS
vomit= VOMT
medication= MEGS
photo= FOET
criminal= KRINL
cameras= KMRAS
leap= LAOEP
cooperate= KAOPT
detective= DEKT
listen= L-N
nightmares= NAOI/MA*IRS
finger= FIRNG
trigger= TRIRG
hypnosis= HIP/NO*EZ
leverage= LEFRJ
story= STOER
stump= STUFRP
witness= W-NS
protection= PROEX
annoying= NOIG
arrest= AR
embarrassing= KBRAGS
bribery= BROIRB
perjury= PEJ
in action= N*X
investigator= VERGT
alias= AILZ
flashback= FLARB/BA*K
David= DAIFD
janitor= JAN/TO*R
confessed= FEFD
it happened= T-PD
psych= SAOIK
already= L-RD
associate= SOERBT
promote= PROEMT
regretting= GREGT
serial= SAOERL
someplace= SPLAIS
homicide= HOM
online= AONL
with it= W*T
collect= KLEKT
dinner= DIRN
hypothetically= H*PLT that
secure= SKAOUR
therapist= THAERPT
forge= FORJ
documents= DAOUMTS
Griffin= GR*IFN
hurry= HUR
ambiance= OM/BAOE/O*NS
forward= FOARD
Alice= AL/*IS
Tim= T*IM
intervention= SB-FNGS
secret= SKRET
color= KLOR
impress= KBRES
wiggle= WIG/*L
conflict= KIKT
congratulations= GLAIGS
tabloid= TAB/LO*ID
apparently= PAERNLT
enjoy= GOI
upgrade= UPGD
pretend= PREND
popular= POP
grandma= GRAND/MA*
obnoxious= OB/NOX/SJ*US
sangria= SAN/GRAOE?A*
Spañada= SPA/NA/DA*
pretty= PRIT
ropa vieja= ROE/PA*/VAOE/HA*
mojitos= MOE/HAOE/T*OES
coffee= KO*EF
ridiculous= KAOULS
Egyptian= AOE/GIPT/SHA*N
generous= JERNS
would you like= WOUBLG
breakfast= BREFS
of course,= -FX
invite= VAOIT
royal= ROIL
specifically= SPEFL
minute= MIN
Dave= DA*IF
recreation= KRAOERGS
session= SEGS
therapy= THAERP
emptied= EMTD
do you remember= DOURM
besides= BESZ
I forgot= FORGT
girlfriend= GOIF
what happened= WHAPD
healed= HAELD
murderer= MRURD
octopuses= OKT/P*USZ
octopus= OKT/P*US
size= SAOIZ
quarter= QAERT
genes= GAOENS
de novo= DAOE/NOE/VO*E
Carl= KA*RL
lunch= LUFP
picture= PIR
sober= SOERB
plead= PLAOED
figured= FIGD
disappointment= SPOIMT
arrogant= AR/GA*NT
body= BOED
confirm= KWIRM
attacked= TW-KD
ditches= DIFPS
solitary= SOL/TA*ER
circling= SL-G
each other= AOEFRP
creatures= KRAOEFPTS
exit= XIT

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