July 27 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Luke Cage- Season 1, Episode 4

Luke Cage Season 1 Episode 4

precinct= PRAOENT
footage= FAOJ
recidivist= R*EFS
there you go= THRUG
conjugal= JAOULG
area= AER
speechless= SPAOEFPLS
slo-mo= SLOE/MO*E
as good as= SGAODZ
restaurant= STRAUNT
structure= STRUR
Chinese= KHAOINZ
it happened= T-PD
projectiles= PROJT/TAO*ILS
we get= WEGT
cue= KAOU
we got= W*EGT
are you sure= RUZ
I think so= INGS
assist= SIS
bottom= BOT
stupid= STAOUPD
belonged= BLONGD
Georgia= GA/GA
however= HOUFR
follow= FOL
number= NUB
obey= BOEB
righteous= RAOIRBS
substitute= STUT
punch= PUFP
officer= OIFR
adjust= JAUFT
and remember= SKPRER
like this= LAOIKTS
alone= LAON
through this= THRUTS
Lucas= LAOU/KA*S
Carl= KA*RL
attempts= TAEMTS
befriend= BAOE/FREND
loneliness= LOENL/-NS
guaranteed= GAURNTD
squabbles= SQABLS
forgiveness= FRIFNS
have you= VU
first time= FIRMT
at a time= TAIT
solitary= SOL/TA*ER
failure= FLUR
focus= FOEKS
strength= STRENG
gladiator= GLAD/YA*IRT
military= MILT
police= PLIS
fists= FIFTS
pretty= PRIT
I want= IPT
benefit= BEF
rations= RAFGSZ
Connie= KO*N/YI
rubble= RUBL
you think= AOUNG
they can= THEK
holy= HOIL
thousand= THOU
especially= EP
Beyoncé= BAOE/YON/SA*I
sequel= SQEL
unless= N-LS
you were= URP
involvement= VOFMT
themselves= THEMZ
open= OEP
Lisa= LAOE/SA*
Bonet= BOE/NA*I
brother= BROER
sister= ST-R
degree= DRE
necessary= NES
masters= MAFRTS
master= MAFRT
at the time= TET
regretted= GRETD
pressing= PREGS
this side= TH-DZ
guilty= GELT
karma= KAR/MA*
reminding= RAOIMGD
prisoner= PRIRS
inmates= NAITS
experimented= XERMTD
sentence= SNENS
reduced= RAOUS/-D
plea bargain= PLAOEB
snitch= SNIFP
privately= PRAOIFLT
permeating= PERM/YA*IGT
think about= THIB
millionaires= MIL/NA*IRS
dungeons= DUN/JO*NS
island= AOINLD
more than= MORN
manners= MARNS
murderer= MRURD
serial= SAOERL
mistakes= MAEKS
provide= PROI
hierarchy= HAOIRK/YI
reputation= R-PGS
uphold= AUPLD
gorgeous= GORJS
shoulders= SHOURLDZ
patient= PAIRBT
build= BL-
backup= BUP
apart= POIRT
to you= TOU
strategy= STRAJ
center line= STR-L
stomach= STUM
venoms= VEN/O*MS
lotus= LOE/T*US
golden= GOENLD
favorite= FAIFRT
connection= KEX
original= ORJ
oversee= VAOE
opinion= P-N
booze= BAOZ
what kind of= WHAOIFND
what you got= WHA*GT
welcome= WEM
internet= SBET
Bruce= BRAO*US
spiraling= SPAOIRLG
downward= DOURND
what happened= WHAPD
months= MOS
reverted= RAOEFRTD
university= AOUFRT
Genghis= GAIN/G*IS
fire fighter= FAOIFRT
copies= KPAOES
videos= VAOS
honest= HONS
relationship= ROIP
related= RAOELTD
psych= SAOIK
legitimate= JIT
infirmary= KBIRM/RAO*E
established= BLIRBD
convicts= VIKTS
what happens= WHAPS
unintentionally= UN/SBLEBLGS
which is= KH-S
warden= WAERND
salt= SALT
lawyer= LAUR
evidence= AEFD
coincidences= KWOINSZ
what you want= WHAUPT
alive= LOIF
last time= LAFMT
stomp= STOFRP
expose= SKPOES
internal= SBERNL
transfer= TR-FR
damage= DAJ
for this= F-RTS
ferry= FER/YI
explain= SPLAIN
I can’t believe= YABL
collect= KLEKT
Reva= RAOE/VA*
you said= UDZ
psychologist= SKOLGT
when I asked= WH*IFKD
regret= GRET
anointed= A/NOINTD
proclaim= PRAIM
recovery= ROIFR
oppressed= O/PREFD
understatement= UND/STAIMT
talk about= TAUB
my name is= MAOINS

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