August 8 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Luke Cage- Season 1, Episode 7

Luke Cage Season 1 Episode 7
who you are= WHOUR
besides= BESZ
harassment= HARMT
determined= DERMD
although= AOL
persistence= PRIFNS
behoove= BHAOF
Amos= A/MOS
last night= LAFNT
everyone else= EFRNLS
Jamaicans= JA/JA/A*NS
Haitians= HAI/SHA*NS
Koreans= KRAENS
Dominicans= DOE/MIN/KA*NS
loyal= LOIL
do I get= DOIGT
luxury= LUX
steak= STAEK
on the= ONT
can he= KE
ledger= LEJ/*ER
testify= TEF
justice= JUS
if you want= FUPT
did you= SDU
gentlemen= JE
apron= A/PRON
advice= VIS
handcuffs= H-FS
Priscilla= PRIS/SIL/LA*
gadget= GAJT
promoted= PROEMTD
Dillard= DIL/LA*RD
party= PAERT
resign= RAOIN
question= QE
affordable= FAURBL
initiative= NIFRBT
categorically= KAGT/KLI
integral= SBRAL
movement= MOFMT
Harlemites= HER/LEM/AO*ITS
carpetbagger= KARPT/BA*RG
Stanford= STAN/FO*RD
infection= N-FX
contagious= TAIJS
aside= SOID
let me= LEM
support= SPOR
permits= PERMTS
hobby= HOIB
Marigny= MAIR/A/NAO*E
bartender= BAERND
destruction= SDRUX
restaurant= STRAUNT
suspicious= SPIRBS
single= SINL
upon= PON
career= KRAOER
balance= BAL
prodigy= PROJ/DAO*E
Juilliard= JAOUL/YA*RD
defend= D-F
disturb= DURB
crackle= KRABLG
husband= HUS
Salvador= SAL/VA/DO*R
inventive= KB-FNT/*IF
idea= Y-D
Maybelline= MAIB/LAO*EN
standing= STANG
talent= TAENLT
could have been= KOFB
flunky= FL*UNG/YI
sheriff= SHR-F
amongst= MO*NGS
America= MERK
better than= BERN
innocent= N-NT
secret= SKRET
refuse= R-FS
yacht= YAUT
charter= KHAERT
bakery= BAIK/RAO*E
I didn’t have= YIF
Thanksgiving= THAFG
turkey= TUR/KAO*E
school= SKAOL
David= DAIFD
Dinkins= D*ING/*INS
expo= EX/PO*E
politician= POLGS
powerless= POURLS
what do you think= WHAOUNG
defeatist= DPAOEFT
sympathize= STHIZ
half= HAF
cousins= KUFNS
uncles= UNGS
brothers= BROERS
Spanish= SPIRB
Puerto Rican= P-RN/P-RN
Lopez= LOEPZ
Blu-ray= BLU/RA*I
angles= AENLS
film= FIM
discretion= SDREGS
borrow= BROE
Colón= KOE/LO*EN
have you= VU
clothes= KLO*ETS
Hudson= HUD/SO*N
impact= KBAKT
against the= GENTS
what he wanted= WHAEPTD
downstairs= DOUNTS
photo= FOET
normalization= NOLGS
bank account= BA*INGT
Facebook= FAIB
figment= FIGT
imagination= MAJS
resign= RAOIN
energy= N-RJ
painful= PAIFL
buggy= BUG/YI
take care= TAERK
anything else= NILGS
woman= WOM
betrayed= BRAE/-d
slaughtered= SLAURTD
about you= BU
lecture= LURKT
arrested= ARD
council= KOUNL
councilwoman= KOUNL/WO*M
music= MAOUK
fourteen= FOURN
Pete= PAO*EL
sheltering= SHERLGT
diapers= DAOIRPS
junkie= JAOENG
CrossFit= KROS/F*IT
texted= TEGTD
highest= HAOIFT
vigilante= VIJ/YI
accessory= SKOIR
system= ST-m
enemy= NAOEM
anonymous= NOUMS
doghouse= DAUG/HO*US
picture= PIR
mustard= MUS/TA*RD
yellow= YOEL
canary= KA/NA*ER
Georgia= GA/GA
runway= RUN/WA*E
saga= SA/GA*

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