August 9 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Luke Cage- Season 1, Episode 8

Luke Cage Season 1 Episode 8
relax= RAEK
ambulance= BLANS
you went= UFRG
Mannie= MAN/YI
discreet= SDRAOET
borrowed= BROED
gypsy= GIP/SAO*E
attention= TAENGS
dehydrate= DAOE/HAOI/DRA*IT
shooter= SHAORT
did you see= SDUZ
how much= HOUFP
penetrated= PRAINTD
that could= THAKD
exit= XIT
drilling= DRILG
I know= AOIN
warriors= WAR/YO*RS
Friday= FRI
enjoying= GOIG
normal= NOL
parallel= PAERL
to the= TOT
wasted= WAEFTD
carefully= KAIFL
bathroom= BARM
patsy= PATS/YI
eventually= VAENL
photograph= FOF
monitor= MORNT
visualist= VIFL/IFT
trauma= TRAUM
instrument= STRAOUMT
stitch= STIFP
incinerate= SIRNT
garment= GARMT
when you get= WHUGT
domineering= DOM/NAO*ERG
destroying= STROIG
temper= TREFRP
condolences= KAUN/DLENSZ
as fast as= SFAFTS
frustrated= FRUFTD
paparazzi= POP/RAZ/YI
access= SKES
sprawled= SPRAULD
hostess= HOFT/*ES
did you see= SDUZ
collect= KLEKT
conflicted= KIKTD
bluster= BLUFRT
musician= MAOUGS
garbage= GARJ
anoint= A/NOINT
crucial= KRAOURBL
explosion= SKPLOEGS
who the= WHOT
as many= SMAEN
witnessed= W-NS/-D
repentant= RAOE/PEN/TA*NT
cooperating= KAOPGT
dangerous= DAIJS
menace= MENS
sanctity= SA*INGT
coward= KOURD
shadows= SHAODZ
sterilize= STERLZ
area= AER
you feel= UFL
anesthetic= AN/STH*EKT
compromised= KPROMD
macho= MA/KHO*E
cornier= KORN/Y*ER
power= POUR
breathe= BRAO*ET
state your name and address= STURNS
for the record= FRORD
Edgecombe= EJ/KO*EM
parents= PARNTS
how do you know= HAOUN
shower= SHOUR
private= PRAOIFT
entrance= SBRANS
represented= REPD
not guilty= N-G
luminol= LAOUM/NO*L
bleached= BLAOEFPD
positive= POF
Website= WAOIT
supporters= SPRORS
donors= DMORS
intimidate= SBIMT
Candice= KAN/D*IS
soror= SROR
eyewitness= Y-NS
shrapnel= SHRAP/N*EL
scalpel= SKAL/P*EL
fluid= FLAOUD
socket= SOKT
Jessica= JEFK
alibi= AEB
clinic= KLIN
women= WIM
frizzy= FRIZ/YI
adversary= DWAER
roaring= RAORG
devour= DWOUR
Peter= PAO*ERT
chapter= KHARPT
verse= VERS
preacher= PRAOEFRP
peace= PAES
prosperity= PROFRPT
sideline= SAOID/LAO*IN
brimstone= BRIM/STO*EN
Saturday= SATD
everybody else= EFRBLS
quarterback= QAERT/BA*K
diamond-back= DAOIMD/BA*K
sewer= SOAUR
garden= GAERN
torture= TAOURT
endured= SBAOURD
squirm= SQIRM
wings= WINGS
superpowers= SAOUP/POURS
accessory to murder= SKOIRMD
psycho= SKOE

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