August 10 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Luke Cage- Season 1, Episode 9

Luke Cage Season 1 Episode 9
psychologist= SKOLGT
on the job= OEJ
assistance= SIFNS
bodega = BOEGD
program= PRAM
volunteer= VOE
hoodie= HOID
union= AOUN
shrink= SR*ING
parking lot= PROT
window= WID
voluntary= VO
Starbucks= STAR/B*UKS
Copeland= KOEP/LA*ND
hostile witness= H-NS
distribute= DR-BT
physical= FIS
career= KRAOER
suicide= SWAOID
other side= OERDZ
dissipated= DIS/PA*ITD
landfill= LAND/F*IL
borough= BROUG
Casablanca= KAS/BLAN/KA*
Delfonics= DEL/FO*NGS
proverbs= PROFRBS
Biggie= B*IG/YI
pristine= PRIS/TAO*EN
splatter= SPLAERT
implies= KBLAOIS
historic= HIFKT
theater= THAOERT
wrought= WRAUT
funny= FOIN
first time= FORMT
boyfriends= BOIFS
Malik= MA/LAO*EK
dabbling= DAB/LING
very= VE
Moses= MOEZ
vacuum= VAK/KAO*UM
abhors= AB/HO*RS
ensure= KBAOUR
transition= TRANGS
chaos= KHAOS
dispatch= DPAFP
verification= VOIFGS
I said= IDZ
on the ground= OG
lemonade= LEM/NA*ID
popular= POP
in my= NAOI
summer= SMER
Cassandra= KA/SAN/DRA*
ourselves= OURSZ
thirsty= THIRS/TAO*E
too long= TAONG
disfigured= SFIGD
Polo= PO*E/LO*E
became= BAIM
résumé= REZ/MA*I
downtown= DWOUN
Fed= F*ED
I didn’t see= YIZ
department= DEPT
singled= SINLD
what he was= WHAEFS
emotions= MAOEGSZ
groupies= GROUP/YIS
standard= ST-D
renegade= REN/GA*ID
insults= SNULTS
and you know it= SKP*UNT
as you= SU
contribute= KR-BT
to this= TOTS
stank= STA*ING
continue= T-N
customers= KMERZ
violence= V-LS
discuss= SKUS
buyout= BAOI/O*UT
shoulder= SHOURLD
gather= GAER
proposition= PROPGS
invitation= VAOIGS
Macoute= MA/KAO*UT
Cubanos= KAOU/BA/NO*ES
structure= STRUR
seashells= SAE/SH*ELS
emails= AOEMS
news= NUS
footage= FAOJ
prevail= PRAIL
strategic= STRAOEJ
political= PLIL
advantage= VANG
I remembered= IRMD
disarmed= DARMD
gaze= GAIZ
ugly= OIG
guarantee= GAURNT
Sandra= SAN/DRA*
Boston= BOFNT
University= AO*UFRT
mistaken= MAENG
destroyed= STROID
exploded= SPLOED/-D
armor= AORM
organs= GORNZ
impossible= KBOB
cut= K*UT
shouldn’t= SHAOUNT
data= DAT
replicating= REP/LA/KA*IGT
about this= B-TS
blood sample= BLAOFRM
factor= FAOK
septic= SEP/T*IK
X-ray machine= XRAIM
penicillin= PLIN
smallpox= SMAUL/PO*X
mucus= MAOUKS
membrane= BRAEN
puncture= PURNGT
City of New York= STIRK
powerless= POURLS
police officers= PLOIFRS
legitimate= JIT
valuable= VABL
assets= SAETS
connections= KEXZ
wares= WA*ERS
common sense= KMONZ
needles= NAOELDZ
hackle= HABLG
flinch= FLINFP
dashboard= DWAORD
marketer= MRARKT
intimidating= SBIMGT
police departments= PLEPTS
disease= D-Z
otherwise= OERZ
I don’t care= YOK
bargain= BARNG
Peter= PAO*ERT
Luger= LAOU/G*ER
viral= VAOIRL
artificial= ART/F*IRBL
victims= VIMS
attributes= AT/BAO*UTS
abalone= AB/LOEN/YI
combat= KBAT
equipment= QIMT
epidermis= EP/DERM/*IS
perhaps= PRAPS
residency= R-Z
fellowship= FLOIP
genetically= G*ENGT/LI
properties= PRORTS
human= HAOUM
penetrating= PRAINGT
likely= LAOIL
impenetrable= KB/PEN/TRA*BL
circumstances= SIRKS
hydrogen= HAOI/DROE/G*EN
covalent= KOE/VA*INLT
acidity= SDIT
temperature= TEM
saline= SLAOEN
concentration= SKRAENGS
portions= PORGSZ
gauge= GAIJ
catalyzed= KAT/LAO*IDZ
Velcro= VEL/KRO*E
acid= SDID
boiling= BOILG
shrapnel= SHRAP/N*EL
rotisserie= ROE/TIS/RAO*E
ricochet= RIK/SHA*I
remove= MAOF
animals= ANLS
procedure= PRAOER
data= DAT
if you have to= FUFTD

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