September 8 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Iron Fist- Season 1, Episode 2

Iron Fist Season 1 Episode 2
there you are= THUR
am I= MI
birch= BIFRP
psychiatric= SKAOERKT
this is the= TH-TS
could have had= KOFD
what’s your name= WHA*URN
what kind of= WHAOIFND
hospital= HOPT
I shouldn’t= Y-FNT
first thing= FIRG
can you= KU
loosen= LAOFN
I can’t do= YAD
fellow= FLEL
down the= DO*UNT
disorienting= DIZ/OERNGT
must be= MUB
give me the= GIFMT
go ahead= GHAED
Simon= SAOI/MO*N
I need= IFRN
swallow= SWLOE
Brooklyn= BLIN
warehouses= WROUSZ
real estate= RAE
domain= DMAIN
headache= HAEK
headaches= HAEKS
I can’t get= YAGT
over this= O*EFRTS
torturing= TAOURGT
might be= MAOIB
that would= THALD
somehow= SHOU
miraculously= MIRBLG/LUS/LI
survived= SWAOIFD
plane= PLAEN
Himalayas= HIM/LAI/YA*S
violence= V-LS
I know= AOIN
bottom= BOT
of this= -FTS
to do= TAOD
whoever= WHOFR
arrested= ARD
saints= SAINTS
what you think= WHAUNG
did I= SDI
meditating= MED/TA*IGT
focus= FOEKS
chi= KHAOE
so I could= SOIKD
at least= TLAOEFT
rich= RIFP
obviously= OEFLS
tell me= TL-M
and then= SKPHEN
snow= SNOE
drift= DRIFT
scattered= SKARTD
over the= O*EFRT
mountain= MOUN
I had= ID
to go= TOG
cockpit= KOK/P*IT
pilots= PAOILTS
fuselage= FAOUS/LO*J
inside= N-DZ
Wendell= WEN/D*EL
and he was= SKPEFS
what about= WHAB
where was= WR-FS
we got= W*EGT
I don’t know= YON
did you do= SDUD
I didn’t want= YIPT
thirsty= THIRS/TAO*E
hungry= HOIRNG
suddenly= SULD
standing= STANG
and who were= SKPWHORP
Monks= MO*NGZ
switch= SWIFP
John= JO*N
Anderson= AN/DER/SO*N
passport= PAFRPT
picture= PIR
Toronto= TRON/TO*E
Canada= KAN/DA*
honest= HONS
talk about this= TAUBTS
some more= SMOR
sidewalk= SWAUK
and I could= SKPIKD
garlic= GAR/L*IK
yoga= YOEG
as fast as= SFAFTS
gravy= GRAIF/YI
Darryl= DA*RL
if I say= FI*S
perform= P-F
sorry= SOR
hammer= HAERM
insanity= SNAENT
methamphetamines= MAEFMS
idiot= ID/YO*T
incident= DIN
pharmacy= FARMZ
bipolar= B*I/PLAR
affective= FAEFKT
episodes= SPOEDZ
substance abuse= SBAO*US
disorder= DORD
years ago= YAOERGS
Billy= BIL/YO
bridge= BRIJ
paranoid= POID
personality= PERNLT
year ago= YAOERG
Times Square= TAOIMS/SQA*IR
schizoaffective= SKEUTS/O*E/TPA*EFBGT
almost= L-M
donkey= DON/KAO*E
apologize= JAOIZ
stupid= STAOUPD
out of this= OUFTS
do you have= DOUF
nuthouse= NUT/HO*US
dojo= DOE/JO*E
New York= NORK
mental= MENL
Colleen= KO*L/LAO*EN you’re
cameras= KMRAS
century= SEN
crane= KRAIN
rescued= SKWUD
monasteries= MON/STA*ERS
Kyle= KAO*IL
research= REFP
no, sir= NOS
unfortunately= UFRNLT
lobotomies= LA/BOT/MAO*ES
heavy= HEF
doses= DOESZ
Thorazine= THOR/SAO*EN
proceed= PRAOED
pretty= PRIT
cooperative= KAOFPT
Morocco= MA/ROK/KO*E
stolen= STOENL
federal= FRAL
session= SEGS
practicing= PRAG
kata= KA/TA*
intrude= SBRAOUD
my name is= MAOINS
awkward= AURKD
mistake= MAEK
attest= TAEFT
token= TOENG
improvement= KBROFMT
donation= DMAIGS
uncomfortable= N-FRBL
that you felt= THAUFLT
some time= STAO*IM
little bit= BLIT
money= MUN
notch= NOFP
commercial= KMERBL
struggle= STRUG
imagine= MAJ
some other= SMOER
circus= S*IRKS
acrobats= AK/BA*TS
other side= OERDZ
popcorn= PO(P/KO*RN
I don’t care= YOK
Jesus= JAOEZ
shrink= SR*ING
rabbit= RABT
apologizing= JAOIGZ
betterment= BERT/-MT
thank you, sir= THAUNGS
according= KWORG
across= KRAOTS
inch= N-FP
exert= XERT
undercover= NOEFR
penthouse= PENT/HO*US
ask you= SKU
afterwards= AFRDZ
idea= Y-D he
confidentiality= K-FLT
curious= KAOURBS
Harold= HA*RLD
do you remember= DOURM
so I guess= SOIGS
monastery= MON/STA*ER
capital= KPAL
alive= LOIF
immortal= KBAORLT
duty= DAOUT
yes, sir= YES
I couldn’t really say= Y*URLS
rattled= RALTD
messengered= MEFRJD
somewhere= SWR-
delivery= DLOIFR
visitor= VIFRT
memory= MEM
enterprises= SBRAOISZ
bribe= BRAOIB
bunch= BUFP
insist= KBIFT
Mrs.= MR-S
Valdez= VAL/D*EZ
dimension= DMENGS
earthly= *ERLT
celestial= SA/LES/YA*L
summon= SMON
can I go= KIG
trauma= TRAUM
I believe= AOIBL
circumstances= SIRKS
overwhelming= WHOEMG
reality= RAELT
superpowers= SPR-/POURS
identities= AOIDZ
medical= MEL
anxiety= ANGT
psychotic= SKOKT
features= FAOEFPS
predictions= PRIXZ
energy= N-RJ
powerful= POUF
weapon= WEP
convince= KWINS
tragedy= TRAOEJ
mystery- STRAOE
prospectus= PR-PT/*US
testy= TEFT/YI
Long Island= LAOINLD
where am I= WR*IM
regards= RARS

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