October 1 2018

Briefs And Phrases From Iron Fist- Season 1, Episode 13

Iron Fist Season 1 Episode 13
smuggle= SMULG
hesitate= HEZ
criminal justice system= KRUJS
treacherous= TREFP/R*US
million dollars= M-LDZ
illegal= ILG
elude= AOE/LAOUD
Colleen= KO*L/LAO*EN
darker= DRARK
capture= KPUR
fugitives= FAOUFGTS
false= FAULS
agents= AGTS
contact= KAKT
good morning= GORNG
perhaps= PRAPS
Hogarth= HOE/GA*RT
level= LEFL
would you mind= WOUMD
excusing= SKAOUFG
into the= NAOT
public= PUB
combination= KBINGS
I didn’t even= YIFN
tale= TAEL
gene= GAOEN
therapy= THAERP
and had the= SKPH-T
tremendous= TRE
advantage= VANG
cryotherapy= KRAOI/O*E/THA*ERP
and here= SKPHAOER
insane= SNAIN
otherwise= OERZ
running= R*UNG
flowers= FLOURS
funeral= FAOURNL
picture= PIR
sneakers= SNAOERKS
laundering= LAURNGD
rabbit= RABT
believe me= BLEFM
kind of= KAOIF
overwhelming= WHOEMG
distraction= SDRAX
evidence= AEFD
refute= R-FT
in touch= KBUFP
contact= KAKT
where the= WR-T
eyes= AOIZ
messenger= MEFRJ
to give= TOFG
client= KLAOINT
officer= OIFR
obliged= BLAOIJD
you really= *URL
billionaire= BIL/NA*IR
stamped= STAFRPD
forehead= FHED
federal= FRAL
and you will= SKPUL
minimum= MIM
assault= SAULT
documents= DAOUMTS
it must have been= TMUFB
when I= WHI
interned= SBERND
I just= IJT
to say= TO*S
have the= V-T
analyzed= NALDZ
when I was= WHIFS
same side= SAIMDZ
options= OPGSZ
and we= SKPWE
given the= GIFNT
innocence= N-NS
digital= DIJT
very good= V*EGD
silent= SLENT
at least= TLAOEFT
fifty= FAEFT
teenagers= TAIRJS
deserted= DERTD
to find= TOFND out
where would= WR-LD
they go= THEG
so much= SOFP
metal= MAELT
windows= WIDZ
heavens= HEFNS
sounding= SOUNGD
information= N-FGS
why should= Y-RBD
purged= PURJD
all the= AULT
informational= N-FLGS
there are not= THR-RNT
can you say= K*US
chi= KHAOE
polluted= PLAOUTD
guilty= GELT
refuse= R-FS
and what should= SKPWHARBD
scratch= SKRAFP
what I was= WHAIFS
and now= SKPOU
uncomfortable= N-FRBL
clever= KLEFR
airplanes= AIRPS
thirst= TH*IRS
who would= WHOLD
benefit= BEF
no one= NO*N
are you sure= RUZ
plane= PLAEN
diagnosed= D-GD
operation= PRAIGS
all this= AULTS
remember the= RERT
enthused= THAOUDZ
by the= B*IT
you will= UL
fulfill= F-FL
minions= MIN/YO*NS
imprison= KBRIS
manipulating= MIPG
pretending= PRENG
to be= TOB
with this= W-TS
innocence= N-NS
anything else= NILGS
prison= PRIS
alive= LOIF
edge= EJ
blizzard= BLIRDZ
howling= HOULG
haunted= HAUNTD
vengeance= VAENG
is there a= STHRAI
about the= B-T
which part= KH-PT
you think= AOUNG
I say= IS
I can tell= IKT
all these= AULZ
I don’t know the= YONT
bodyguards= BOERGDZ
lifetime= LAOIFT
who are= WHOR
soup= SOUP
noodle= NAOLD
last year= LAFR
any of= NIF
tell me the= TL-MT
show you= SHOEU
upset= SPET
withheld= WHELD
that was the= THAFTS
insane= SNAIN
I didn’t do= YAOID
sweetheart= SWHART
stronger= STRORNG
how much= HOUFP
tonight= TONT
I know= AOIN
what I said= WHAIDZ
upstairs= UPTS
bulletproof= BLAOF
pretend= PREND
care about= KAIRB
go get= GOGT
around the= ARNTD
downstairs= DOUNTS
or not= ORNT
last time= LAFMT
with your= WUR
and looked= SKPLAOKD
little= LIL
ledge= LEJ
urge= URJ
one of those= WUFNS
regret= GRET
finish= FINS
only this= OENLTS
nowhere= NO*R
that you were= THAURP
generous= JERNS
widows= DWOS
children’s= KHIRNS
officers= OIFRS
congratulations= GLAIGSZ
who will= WHOL
failures= FLURS
pizza= PIZ
troubled= TRUBLD
scholarship= SKLARP
instinct= KBINGT
violence= V-LS
psychological= SKL-L
I’m going= AOIMG
good morning, sir= GORNGS
physically= F*IFL
warmer= WRARM
almost= L-M
day and night= DARNT
afternoon= AFRN
kung fu= KUNG/FAO*U
practice= PRA

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