January 4 2019

Briefs And Phrases From The Punisher- Season 1, Episode 1

The Punisher Season 1 Episode 1
Mexico= M*EX
Juárez= WAR/R*EZ
cartel= KARLT
cartels= KARLTS
Dublin= DUB/L*IN
Ireland= AOIRNLD
Isaac= AOIFK
anyone else= NINLS
about to= B-TD
bikers= BAOIRKS
Irish= AOI/R*IRB
if I’m= FAOIM
can you believe= KUBL
dirty= DOIRT
Donny= DON/YI
Chávez= SHA/V*EZ
gimp= GIFRP
worry= WOIR
about it= B*T
lunchtime= LUFPT
hammer= HAERM
sleepyhead= SLAOEP/YI/H*ED
tongue= TOUNG
elevator= L-FRT
penthouse= PENT/HO*US
because of= BAUF
overtime= OIM
window= WID
there he is= THRES
enemy= NAOEM
forever= FOFR
no one else= NO*NLS
sandwich= SDWIFP
boroughs= BROUGS
especially= EP
movie= M0*EF
promises= PROMS
meds= M*EDZ
Lance= LA*NS
marine= MRAOEN
corps= KOR
North Carolina= N-K/N-K
superhero= SPROER
Iraq= AOI/RA*K
Afghanistan= AF/GAN/STA*N
semper fi= SEM/PER/FAO*I
shovel= SHOFL
officer= OIFR
batch= BAFP
trooper= TRAORP
bucket= BUKT
psychiatrist= SKRIFT
filthy= FOILT
soldier= SOERJ
O’Connor= O/KO*N/O*R
pretty= PRIT
I can see= IKZ
army= AERM
defend= D-F
tyrants= TAOIRNTS
tyrant= TAOIRNT
tyrannis= TAOI/RAN/*IS
sic= S*IK
semper= SEFRP/*ER
take care= TAERK
copacetic= KOEP/S*EKT
Frank= FRA*ING
reader= RAERD
enjoyed= GOID
Lewis= LAO*US
can I get= KIGT
coffee= KO*EF
I don’t think= YONG
mirror= MROR
internet= SBET
media= DWRA
talent= TAENLT
lieutenant= LAOUNT
Curtis= KURT/*IS
passport= PAFRPT
Pete= PAO*ET
Maria= MA/RAOE/YA*
mission= MIGS
accomplished= PLIRBD
punishing= P-RBG
how often= HOUFN
conscience= K-RBS
wallowing= WLOEG
imagine= MAJ
tombstone= TAOUM/STO*EN
assigned= SO*IND
partners= PARNS
beer= BAOER
assignments= SOIMTS
junior= J-R
nevertheless= NEFRLS
approval= PROIFL
all this= AULTS
confident= K-FNT
merits= MERTS
Ahmad= A/MAD
heroin= HOIRN
Kandahar= KAN/DA/HA*R
guardian= GAURND
angel= A*EJ
racist= RAIFT
bravo= BRA/VO*E
kind of like= KAOIFBLG
tenacious= TAERBS
energetic= N-RJT
otherwise= OERZ
wolf= WOFL
peachy= PAOEFP/YI
recon= RAOE/KO*N
explosion= SPLOEGS
New York= NORK
coincidence= KWOINS
do you have= DOUF
hotshot= HOT/SHO*T
eager= AOERG
Rhonda= RON/DA*
pukes= PAOUKS
I need= AOIFRN
cousin= KUFN
what time is it= WHAO*IMTS
Shylock= SHAOI/LO*K
captain= KAPT
first aid= FRA*ED
access= SKES
therapy= THAERP
suspect= S-PT
temporary= TRAER
forty= FOURT
surgeon= SURN
believe in= BLEFN
heroics= HOIRKS
what are= WHAR
Donald= DONLD
breakfast= BREFS
license= L-NS
disappear= SPAER
I wouldn’t give= YAOFG
bullets= BULTS
I won’t say= YOES
basement= BAIFMT
Italy= IT/LI
I told= ILT
Queens= QAO*ENS
grandmother= GRO*ER
what you have to= WHAUFTD

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