January 8 2019

Briefs And Phrases From The Punisher- Season 1, Episode 2

The Punisher Season 1 Episode 2
Pulaski= PA/LAS/KAO*E
Greenpoint= GRAOEN/PO*INT
nonsense= NAUNS
hooray= HAO/RA*I
you got= *UGT
eggs= EGS
bacon= BAI/KO*N
sourdough= SOUR/DO*E
hipsters= HIP/ST*ERS
toast= TOEFT
hipster= HIP/ST*ER
beside= BES
I don’t think so= YONGS
micro= MAO*IRK
delicious= DLIRBS
what time is it= WHAO*IFT
terrorist= TRIFT
that I need= THAIFRN
alive= LOIF
what were you= WHA*URP
if I did= FILGTS
video= VAO
anonymous= NOUMS
as I understand= SINDZ
Brunswick= BRUNS/W*IK
benefit= BEF
contractor= KR-RT
anvil= AN/V*IL
thank you, sir= THAUNGS
hungry= HOIRNG
believe= BLEF
believe it= BL*EFT
have you been= VUB
where have you been= WR*UFB
Karen= KA*RN
if you said= FUDZ
spook= SPAOK
I didn’t see= YIZ
article= ARL
system= ST-M
website= WAOIT
hacker= HA*RK
conspiracies= SPIRSZ
analyst= NALTS
editor= YIRT
sarcastic= SARKT
evidence= AEFD
homeland= HOEM/LA*ND
pursue= PRAOU
investigation= VEGS
let me go= L*EMG
Zach= SA*K/SA*K
mechanism= MEFM
hostage= HOSJ
hostile= HOFL
legislate= LAEGT
Persian= PER/SHA*N
interrogating= SBRO*EGT
corporate= KORPT
procurement= PRAOURMT
yes, sir= YES
operative= PRAIFT
covert= KOEFRT
David= DA*IFD
escape= SKAEP
Carson= KAR/SO*N
I didn’t even see= YIFNZ
windshield= WIRBLD
pleasure= PLERB
husband= HUS
awake= WOIK
who are you= WHO*UR
Guantánamo= GAUN/TAN/MO*E
traitor= TRAIRT
resisting= RAOEFGT
punisher= PR-RB
pathetic= PA*EKT
homecoming= HOEM/KO*MG
tradition= TRA
kind of= KAOIF
depends= DP*ENS
Bagram= BAG/RA*M
farewells= FAER/W*ELS
invader= VA*ERD or KBA*IRD
legality= LAOELGT
better than= BERN
Basra= BAS/RA*
backup= BUP
at all= TA*UL
agent= AGT
funny= FOIN
any good= NIGD
nearby= NAOERB
did you go= SDUG
want to= WA*NTD
off-line= AOF/LAOIN
online= AONL

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