January 30 2019

Briefs And Phrases From The Punisher- Season 2, Episode 7

The Punisher Season 2 Episode 7
inquiry= QOIR
did you understand= DUNDZ
suspended= SW*END
whatever else= WHAFRLS
relationship= ROIP
manipulate= MIP
if I had= FID
apprehend= PRAEN
endeavored= SBEFRD
for the record= FRORD
ignored= GORD
pretend= PREND
qualms= QAUMS
psychopathic= SKPA*KT
medium= MAOUM
lackeys= LAK/YIS
that I ever= THAIFR
that I ever wanted= THAIFRPTD
it felt= T-FLT
of it= *FT
be the= -BT
domestic= DMEFKT
foreign= FOERN
poof= PAOF
if I was= FIFS
grocery store= GROIRT
jabroni= JA/ BROE/NAO*E
rendezvous= ROND/VAO*U
concentration= SKRAENGS
down the= DO*UNT
coma= KMA
memo= MOEM
chutzpah= HUTS/PA*
psychodrama= SKOE/DRA*UM
I can’t believe= YABL
covert= KOFRT
latex= LAI/T*EX
luchador= LUFP/DO*R
redundancy= DRUNTS
manager= M-G
Lillian= LIL/YA*N
fragmentation = FRAGT/TA*IGS
erratic= AOE/RA*KT
irrational= IR/RA*L
warehouse= WROUS

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