March 7 2019

Briefs and Phrases From The Blacklist: Season 1, Episode 9

Blacklist Season 1 Episode 9
Graz= GRAZ
double= DUBL
transit= TRIT
airport= AIRPT
fortune= FORN
endeavors= SBEFRS
detained= DAIND
Munich= MAOU/N*IK
aftershave= AFR-/SHAIF
reliable= RAOIBL
custody= kud
are you doing= R*UGD
handcuffs= H-FS
informant= N-FNT
intercepted= SBEPTD
transcripts= TRIPTS
intel= SBEL
Egyptian= GIPGS
disseminated= SDEMTD
site= SAO*IT
asymmetrical= A/SA/M*ERBLGT
landlocked= LAND/LO*KD
extract= XRAKT
phony= FO*IN
detainees= DAIN/YAES
elevator= L-FRT
liberated= LIRBTD
Alcatraz= AL/KA/TRA*Z
Caribbean= KRAEB
splinter= SPLIRNT
Peruvian= PRAOUF/YA*N
compactor= KPARKT
bunch= BUFP
Frankenstein= FRA*ING/STAO*IN
precision= PRIGS
object= OBT
first-hand= FRAND
initiate= NIRBT
signal= SNAL
egress= AOE/GRES
hello= HO*EL
backup= BUP
data= DAT
regardless= RARLS
fortification= FORT/KA*IGS
hatchet= HAFPT
prudent= PRAOUNT
thinking about= TH*IBG
telecom= TEL/KO*M
generators= JAIRTS
designation= SDEGS
codify= KOED/FAO*I
hostiles= HOFLS
presumed= PRAOUMD
extremities= STREMTS
fingers= FIRNGS
thimbleful= THIM/-BL/-FL
painful= PAIFL
Brussels= BRUFLS
Waterloo= WAURT/LAO*
itinerary= AOIRNT
plastic surgeons= PLURNS
horrific= HOFRK
mirror= MROR
ammo= AM/O*E
partnership= POIO
aggressive= GRAEFS
tactical= TABLGT
explosives= SKPLOEFSZ
specs= SP*EKS
chalk= KHAUK
ordnance= O*RNS
sequel= SQEL
transfusion= TR-FGS
complex= KLPEX
fickle= FIBLG
years ago= YAOERGS
Lebanon= LEB/NO*N
Damascus= DA/MAS/K*US
allegiances= LAOEJSZ
ankle= AINLG
cayote= KAOI/O*ET
explosion= SKPLOEFGS
thoroughly= THROL
sepsis= SEP/S*IS
blood supply= BLAOFP
captured= KPURD
simplex= SIM/PL*EX
duplex= DPLEX
powerful= POUF
garage= GRAJ
jammers= JARMS
plural= PLURL
pretend= PREND
beluga= BA/LAOU/GA*
caviar= KAF/YA*R
Audrey= AUD/RAO*E
engaged= GAEJD
engagement= GAEMT
sienna= SAOE/*EN/NA*
piazza= PAOE/A/ZA*
vanguard= VAN/GA*RD
as long as=SLONGS
frescoes= FRES/KO*ES
garden= GAERN
one time= WUNT
kneecapping= NAOE/KA*PG
Quantico= QANT/KO*E
rappels= RAP/P*ELS
femoral= FEM/RA*L
ruptured= RURPTD
cauterizing= KAURT/RAO*IGZ
sprinkle= SPR*INLG
combustible= KBUFBL
as fast as= SFAFTS
Cooper= KAO*RP
friendship= FROIP

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