May 6 2019

Briefs and Phrases From The Blacklist: Season 1, Episode 11

Blacklist Season 1 Episode 11
hockey= HO*IK
Michael= MAOIBLG
pizza= PIZ
Karen= KA*RN
phenobarbital= FAOEN/O*E/BARB/TA*L
at all= TA*UL
where am I= WR*IM
who are you= WHO*UR
collapsing= KLAOGS
involuntary= IN/VO
I don’t even= YOFN
collarbone= KLAR/BO*EN
medial= MAO*EDL
clavicle= KLAFL
surveillance= SWAINS
post office= POFS
passports= PAFRPTS
Nebraska= NE/NE
this afternoon= TH-FRN
surgical= SURL
precision= PRAOEFGS
liaison= LAIFN
therapy= THAERP
therapist= THAERPT
chit-chat= KHIT/KHA*T
hypothermia= HOIP/THERM/YA*
Samaritan= SMARNT
my name is= MAOINS
bookie= BAOK/YI
soccer= SKER
apple= AEPL
anonymous= NOUMS
injections= KB-JSZ
paramedic= PARMD
torture= TAOURT
Cooper= KAO*RP
morgue= MORG
medical records= MORDZ
trauma= TRAUM
kidneys= KAOENDZ
autopsy= AUPZ
subpoena= SPAOEN
discretion= SKREGS
banker= BA*IRNG
cigar= SGAR
east coast= AO*EFKT
gestalten= GES/TAL/T*EN
who told= WHO*LT
vigilante= VIJT
motive= MOEF
identical= Y-L
detached= DAFPD
retina= RET/NA*
concussion= KUGS
fractured= FRAURD
modicum= MOD/K*UM
dinner= DIRN
transfer= TR-FR
Manhattan= MANT
alias= AILZ
transaction= TR-X
incomplete= KBLAOET
stricken= STRIN
fiat= FAOE/A*T
bitcoin= BIT/KO*IN
cryptographic= KRIP/TOE/GRA*FK
extension= STENGS
protocol= PROELT
souvenir= SOUFRN
implicate= KBLIKT
powerless= POURLS
addiction= DIX
domestic violence= DMEFLS
abuse= BAOUS
reconcile= SKAOIL
remedy= R-MD
forward= FAORD
George= JORJ
company= K-P
stroganoff= STROE/GA/NO*F
police= PLIS
noodles= NAOLDZ
accounted= K-TD Janice= JAN/*IS
stomach= STUM
flesh= FLERB
delicious= DLIRBS
Papua New Guinea= PAP/WA*/NU/GIN/YI
substitute= STUT
accidental= SD-L
kind of= KAOIF
think of it= TH*IFT
technically= TLEBLG
laceration= LAEFRGS
vertical= VERLT
expedite= SKPAOIT
cooperation= KAOPGS
garage= GRAJ
talk to me= TAUM
if you had= FUD
avoided= WOID
Newton= NAOUNT
assassination= SNAEGS
asset= SAET
senate= SNAT
Congress= KO*NG
eliminate= L*IM
patriot= PROIT
assure= SHUR
assurances= SHURNS
naive= NAOEF
airport= AIRPT
incursion= KBURGS
deficit= DPIFT
access= SKES
it would= T-LD
therefore= THR-FR
have you been= VUB

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