July 6 2019

Briefs And Phrases From Stranger Things- Season 1, Episode 1

Stranger Things Season 1 Episode 1
swallowing= SWLOEG
fireball= FAOIRBL
thirteen= THRAOEN
fifteen= FAOEN
I don’t think so= YONGS
sausage= SAUFJ
pepperoni= PEP/ROEN/YI
elf= *EFL
campaign= KPAIN
outage= OUJ
umbrella= BREL
weather= WHR*
Jonathan= JONT
last night= LAFNT
I can’t believe you= YA*UBL
ladies and gentlemen= LAIJ
cleidocranial= KLAOI/DOE/KRA*INL
dysplasia= DIZ/PLAIZ/YA*
I have to= IFTD
window= WID
stealthy= STOILT
coffee= KO*EF
contemplation= KPLAIGS
debate= DB-T
Oldsmobile= OELDZ/MO*EBL
sensitive= SNEF
what he is= WHAES
gentlemen= JE
evacuated= AOEFKTD
and the= SKP=T
beaut= BAOUT
California= KA*L
Australia= AUS/AUS
Michael= MAOIBLG
Hobbit= HOBT
password= PAFRD
thank you, sir= THAUNGS
as much as= SFPS
worry= WOIR
eleven= L-FN
abused= BAOUFD
hungry= HOIRNG
flashlights= FLARBLTS
language= LANG
biology= BAOILG
I haven’t= *IFNT
you feel= UFL
polymers= POL/M*ERS
starch= STAR/*FP
cellulose= KREL/LO*ES
hydrogen= HAOI/DROE/J*EN
tetrahedron= TET/TRE/HAOE/DRO*N
hydrocarbons= HAOI/DROE/KBO*NS
boiling point= BOILGT

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