July 7 2019

Briefs And Phrases From Stranger Things- Season 1, Episode 2

Stranger Things Season 1 Episode 2
bathroom= BARM
privacy= PRAOIFZ
county= KOINT
Alcatraz= AL/KA/TRA*Z
front door= FRAOR
tattoo= TAOUT
breakfast= BREFS
Xerox= X*ERX
anatomy= NAEMT
signal= SNAL
less than= LAEFN
Tuesday= TAOUS
depressing= DPREFG
faculty= FABLGT
football= FAOBL
living room= LIFRM
milk= MIBLG
Dustin= DUFNT
trust me= TRUFMT
I don’t want to= YOPTD
baseball= BAIFBL
Donald= DONLD
Christmas= KMAS
Thanksgiving= THAFG
Yoda= YOE/DA
science= SAOINZ
trophies= TROEFS
political= PLIL
did you see= SDUZ
I don’t feel good= YOFLGD
I can’t imagine= YAJ
cement= SAOEMT
what do you mean= WHAOUM
where he is= WRES
never happened= NEFRPD
scalp= SKA*PL
assembly= SBLI
sandwiches= SDWIFPS
spasm= SPAFM
meatloaf= MAET/LO*EF
comic= KM*IK
guardian= GAURND
give me= GIFM
cliché= KLAOERB
fireplace= FAOIRPS
upstairs= UPTS
yeah, right= YAIRT

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